The Screamer at Firefly Island's Funland.

The Screamer is a wooden roller coaster featured in Grand Theft Auto IV at the Funland theme park in Firefly Island, Broker and is 85 feet tall. It is based on the Coney Island Cyclone. The ride is not functional and was built by drunken Europeans.

At the highest point, around the middle of the coaster track is one of the 200 Flying Rats.

The name 'Screamer' is likely a reference to a person who makes a lot of noise during sex (it is said that they are a 'screamer'). However, the name could also be a possible reference to people screaming on a roller-coaster.


  • In the game manual of GTA IV, there's a section for the Screamer and it says, "Too bad you can't ride the Screamer because what would be better than riding a 100 year-old rollercoaster made out of wood?"
  • Although you technically cannot ride the Screamer, there are means of "riding" it with a car. The northern side of the coaster has a section that reaches the ground, and it has no railing, so the player can take a car and "ride" the Screamer.