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Deleting Work
I can understand how that's annoying (it happens to me on other sites, especially wikipedia); but if you really disagree about something, talk to us and we can figure out what the best thing to do is. I can't promise we'll ''always'' restore the work, but at least we can make sure it's fair and that everyone is treated the same. I know A-Dust wants to keep the "fluff" out of this wiki, and keep it to relevant, factual information; and I know some people disagree (like I'm more of an inclusionist than him) - but we arrive at a good balance usually. I don't think it's because he hates the game, but perhaps he doesn't agree on the significance of some things. I can see that [[Talk:Yusuf Amir]] was [ deleted], but "I want his fucking house" isn't really discussing the article, and I'm not sure that counts as deleting your "hard work" ;) Let me know if you have any questions. [[User:Gboyers|Gboyers]] <sup>[[User_talk:Gboyers|talk]]</sup> 01:06, February 23, 2010 (UTC)
::Yea well if you notice on other wikis most talk pages begin with small cheeky or innapropriate comments that eventually lead on to a humorous conversation. I'll admit that wasn't hard work, but he hasn't deleted any of my HARD work. He just simply likes to delete a lot of other people's hard work. If you look at his talk page, a lot of people seem to hate him.--[[User:FawkesGamer360|FawkesGamer360]] 01:14, February 23, 2010 (UTC)
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