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K Rose

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{{Radio station
| image = [[File:KRose-GTASA-logo.jpg|100px]]
| genre = Country, country rock
| games = [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]]
| djs = [[Mary-Beth Maybell]]
'''K Rose''' is a country music [[Radio Stations in GTA San Andreas|radio station]] in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]], hosted by [[Mary-Beth Maybell]]. Maybell plays music from the 1950s to the 1980s. None of the music used for this station was made in [[1992]], which is the setting of GTA San Andreas. The radio station usually plays by default when entering a car located around the countryside and desert throughout the whole state. The station is based in [[Fort Carson]], [[Bone County]].
'''DJ''': [[Mary-Beth Maybell]]
'''Genres''': [[wp:Country music|country]], [[wp:Country rock|country rock]]
* [[wp:Jerry Reed |Jerry Reed]] - "[[wp:Amos Moses|Amos Moses ]]" ''(1970)''* [[wp:Conway Twitty|Conway Twitty ]] and [[wp:Loretta Lynn|Loretta Lynn ]] - "[[wp:Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man (song)|Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man]]" ''(1973)''* [[wp:Hank Williams |Hank Williams]] - "[[wp:Hey Good Lookin' (song)|Hey Good Lookin' ]]" ''(1951)''* [[wp:Juice Newton|Juice Newton ]] - [[wp:Queen of Hearts (Hank DeVito song)|Queen of Hearts ]] ''(19791981)''* [[wp:The Statler Brothers|Statler Bros. ]] - "New York City " ''(1970)''* [[wp:Asleep at the Wheel|Asleep At The Wheel ]] - "[[wp:The Letter That Johnny Walker Read |The Letter That Johnny Walker Read]]" ''(1975)''* [[wp:The Desert Rose Band|The Desert Rose Band ]] - "[[wp:One Step Forward|One Step Forward ]]" ''(1987)''* [[wp:Willie Nelson |Willie Nelson]] - "[[wp:Crazy (Willie Nelson song)|Crazy ]]" ''(1961)''* [[wp:Patsy Cline|Pasty Cline ]] - "Three Cigarettes In The in the Ashtray" ''(1957)''* [[wp:The Statler Brothers|Statler Bros. ]] - "[[wp:Bed of Roses Rose's|Bed of Rose's]]" ''(1970)''* Micky [[wp:Mickey Gilley |Mickey Gilley]] - "[[wp:Make the World Go Away|Make The the World Go Away ]]" ''(1965)''* [[wp:Ed Bruce |Ed Bruce]] - Mama "[[wp:Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys|Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To to Be Cowboys ]]" ''(19761975)''* [[wp:Merle Haggard|Merle Haggard ]] - [[wp:Always Wanting You |Always Wanting You]]" ''(1975)''* [[wp:Sanger D. Shafer|Whitey Shafer ]] - "[[wp:All My Ex's Live in Texas|All My Exes Ex's Live In in Texas ]]" ''(19861987)''* [[wp:Eddie Rabbitt|Eddie Rabbit Rabbitt]] - "[[wp:I Love a Rainy Night|I Love A a Rainy Night ]]" ''(1980)''
== Trivia ==
*Oddly, the track "New York City " was not listed in the included booklet guide for the first PS2 version. It was however included in later versions.
*The name of the station is a possible reference to [[Ken Rosenberg|'''K'''en '''Rose'''nberg]]or his company, '''K.Rose'''nberg & Co.
== See also ==
* [[Rebel Radio]], an outlaw country station in [[GTA Grand Theft Auto V]] that also plays other songs by Jerry Reed and Willie Nelsoncountry music.
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[[Category:Radio Stations in GTA San Andreas]]

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