Taking Revenge

Taking Revenge is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Advance.


Mike needs to beat up the new Cartel Boss to gain information about who is after Mike. Mike goes to the Cartel boss and chase him until his vehicle is badly damaged. Mike begins to hit the Cartel boss until he said that the King Courtney is after him. Mike lets the Cartel boss go.


Mike: If I take out the new Cartel boss, I can get the rest of these goons off my back. Let's see if I can't squeeze some information out of this about who else might be after me. It's time for a major road rage.

(After Mike damages the Cartel boss' vehicle)

Cartel boss: You're going to pay, muchacho. Eat some of my lead.

(After Mike beats up the Cartel boss)

Cartel boss: Enough, gringo! You have defeated me but if you think your troubles are over with my death, you are sorely mistaken.

Mike: Tell me who else is after me, and I might show you some mercy and spare your life.

Cartel boss: King Courtney and his men are going to be after you! He's held back this far because he doesn't want to tangle my men. Once we pull back, he'll be on to you. Let me live and we'll leave you alone, I promise. Kill me and you'll have to deal with my gang and the Yardies.

Mike: I don't put too much faith in your words. You're all back-stabbing liars. I gotta let this guy go and take my chances over whether he'll keeps his word. I can't have the Yardies and the Cartel after me at the same time. Damn, now I have to deal with King Courtney.


The reward for completing this mission is $20,000 and unlocks the mission Smackdown.

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