King Courtney

King Courtney
Appearances GTA III
GTA Advance
Full Name King Courtney


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality Jamaican
Home Newport, Staunton Island, Liberty City
Main Affiliations Uptown Yardies
Mike (2000)
Claude (2001)
Queen Lizzy
Catalina (until 2001)
Miguel (until 2001)
Vehicles Yacht
Occupation Gang leader
Loan shark
Drug dealer
Street racing organiser
Voiced by Walter Mudu

King Courtney is a character in the 3D Universe who appears in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto Advance. He is the leader of the Jamaican Uptown Yardies gang. He is voiced by Walter Mudu in GTA III.

Character history

Life until 2000

King Courtney was born in Jamaica, but moved to Liberty City sometime before 2000. There he joined the Uptown Yardies and began to rise through their ranks, eventually becoming the gang's leader and leading it to war with the Colombian Cartel. He operated out of his yacht docked in Newport and was prominently involved in several illegal activities, including street racing, loan sharking and drug dealing.


In 2000 Courtney sends his men to The Bar in the Red Light District of Portland to collect money he lent to the bar's owner, Jonnie. Jonnie is found murdered and the Yardies drive back to Courtney's Yacht to report. Mike who has followed the men, holds King at gunpoint believing him to be responsible. After everything is explained, Mike agrees to work for King in return for finding out who was behind Vinnie's death. He employs Mike as a driver in a big race with the Yakuza. He then has him steal coffee cans belonging to the Colombian Cartel.

Later, Courtney tries to convince him that the Cartel's leader Cisco was responsible for the murder. Though reluctant, Mike agrees to assassinate Cisco and assaults the Cartel at their meeting place. Killing several lieutants, but missing his target, Mike goes back to Courtney, who has by now managed to track down Cisco. Mike attacks the Colombians at a restaurant in Belleville Park but is convinced of Courtney's treachery and begins working for them.

About a week later, a new war sparks after the Yakuza discover that the Yardies have been supplying their restaurants with bad fish, resulting in several lawsuits. In spite of this, Courtney quickly ends his feud with the Cartel after learning of Cisco's death and tries to stay away from them so as to not relight the conflict.

After learning of the airport shootout, Courtney believed that Mike came into possession of all of Vinnie's money and started a city-wide manhunt for him. Mike finds out about this after questioning the Cartel's new leader and eliminates all the hitmen. He then attacks the Yardies' warehouse with the Yakuza. During the shootout, Mike was able to severly injure Courtney, but due to the arrival of the LCPD didn't have time to kill him and had to escape.


Courtney apparently managed to evade jail and continues to lead the Yardies in 2001. He began working with Miguel and Catalina, using his Yardies to distribute SPANK. He also employs Claude, contacting him through payphones and has him prove himself in a checkpoint race. Later, he orders Claude to kill some Diablos members after they insulted his girlfriend and collect gang cars from the Diablos, Leones and the Yakuza.

Courtney eventually learns that Claude has been sabotaging his gang on behalf of the Yakuza and together with Catalina, orchestrates an assassination plan. Courtney leads him to a parking lot in Bedford Point where he is attacked by SPANKed up suicide bombers. Claude however manages to survive the ambush and ends his relationships with the Yardies.

Mission appearances

GTA Advance


  • He is the first antagonist not to be killed.