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The building housing the Atrium interior (left), and the adjoining glass-clad building based on the Bonaventure Hotel, GTA San Andreas.

The Atrium (or Attrium) is a location in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, located in eastern Commerce, Los Santos, used in the "Just Business" mission. Although little is known about this interior, it has several stories and has a statue depicting a man touching himself inappropriately. Some statues facing the one touching himself have their hands over their eyes. There is a body armor in this building and several unusable lifts.



  • Leaving the building through one of the doors (only one works) then entering it backwards with a pistol aimed forwards will enable the player to "ghost" through the door and into the actual interior, rather than the separate one. The floor here is, aside from a small square by the door, not solid, and the player can fall through it, entering Blue Hell.
  • When the player enters through the northern door, the ingame text says that the building is called the Atrium. When they enter from the west, it says Attrium.
  • Using a mod to allow CJ to go out of the building will result to CJ being in a partially detailed Los Santos