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  • Name:Glock 23
    • In Game name:Pistol
    • Magazine size:15
    • My Reason:None really just a Glock model that has not been seen in GTA yet also Glocks are very common and the 23 model is used by LAPD in real life so its reasonable for it to be in the game also would a bit more powerful than the Glock in IV but have a slightly longer reload time.
  • Name:Colt Python
    • In Game name:Revolver
    • Magazine Size:6
    • My Reason:Personally I hoped it would be in IV but no luck but V gives new hope.While a revolver would be somewhat uncommon these days(semi auto pistols vs single or double action revolvers your choice) still favored due to the power of .357 magnum bullets and its wide availability so it should go for $500 the least in the gun shops.Relaod should be longer than the other two pistols due to both balencing,and also to simulate its slow reload in real life (in unexpirienced hands).
  • Name:Beretta M9/Beretta 92FS
    • In Game name:Military Pistol
    • Magazine Size:15
    • My Reason:Since it is a pistol widely used by the U.S military it would make sense for NOOSE and FIB to have this pistol.Dispite having the same Mag size as the Glock 23 the M9 would have a a faster rate of fire and faster reload time than the Glock but reduced power per bullet.


  • Name:Remington 870
    • In Game name:Pump Shotgun
    • Magazine Size:4
    • My Reason:Used just about everywhere in the U.S from civilians,to cops,and even the army.Would be used by cops and enemies alike.While the four round magazine tube may be discouraging but when the capacity is upgraded to 8 it will make very popular when combined with its high damage.
  • Name:M4 Super 90
    • In Game name:Combat Shotgun
    • Magazine Size:8
    • My Reason:This semi automatic wouldnt be to hard to come by this model since there common with LAPD SWAT so logically it would be found with NOOSE and of corse in the gunshops.
  • Name:Armsel Striker
    • In Game name:Semi Auto Shotgun
    • Magazine Size:12
    • My Reason:A hard find in the US but rumored to be popular with criminals but due to its rarity in the states it would go for a high price in gun shops.Whie its firing mode is the same as the M4 Super 90 (semi automatic) would have a slow reload due to the time it takes to put each sell in the revolving cylinder magazine.


  • Name:MP5A2
    • In Game name:SMG
    • Magazine Size:30
    • My Reason:MP5s are know and used worldwide so again would be used later in the games storyline by both very well armed gangs and of corse the NOOSE.
  • Name:Mini Uzi
    • In Game name:Compact SMG
    • Magazine Size:25
    • My Reason:Its a civilian and more common varient of the famed Uzi SMG so it should be mostly seen with low level street gangs.
  • Name:Thomposon M1928A1
    • In Game Name:Tommy Gun
    • Magazine Size:50
    • My Reason:Just another "for fun" weapon.In todays world this is a rare collectors item so as you can expect it would cost ALOT in the gun stores but the 50 round drum and its strong .45 ACP ammo should make the price worth paying but knowing Rockstar you should expect some balencing via longer reload time and slower rate of fire than its real life counterpart.

Assualt Rifles:

  • Name:AKM
    • In Game name:Assault Rifle
    • Magazine Size:30
    • My Reason:Currently used by atleast 90 countries(but not the US) but however nothing can stop it from being imported into Los Santos.While its 7.62 ammo packs a hell of a punch but firing on full auto will decrease accuracy and it could waste ammo so firing wisely should solve this.
  • Name:M16A4
    • In Game name:Burst Rifle
    • Magazine Size:30
    • My Reason:A more modern version of the famous M16 rifle the M16A4 is the games "all around" assault rifle being the best in every situation.The combination of its burst fire mode and 5.56x45 ammo helps the M16A4 fulfill the "all around" role.
  • Name:M240
    • In Game name:LMG
    • Magazine Size:100
    • My Reason:While not an assault rifle Rockstar has apparently classified LMGs in the assault rifle catergory.With 7.62 rounds,100 round box magazine and high rate of fire should leave the user a force to be reckoned with.But continued fire will cause the accuracy to drop.


  • Name:M79
    • In Game name:Grenade Laucher
    • Magazine Size:1
    • My Reason:Used since Vietnam the M79 is reliable and popular due to its ease of use and simple mechanics making it a grenade launcher of choice for official armies and militias all over the world so it wouldnt be to inaccurate for an M79 to end up with the protagonist.
  • Name:RPG-7
    • In Game name:RPG
    • Magzine Size:1
    • My Reason:Since 1961 the RPG-7 has been one of the most popular rocket propelled grenade launchers for its ruggedness, simplicity, low cost, and effectiveness.Currently around 40 countries use the weapon,from irregular and guerrilla forces to official armies.The RPG-7 is manufactured in a number of variants by at least nine countries one example being Norinco a Chinese gun company.Since it has a very high popularity it should be no surprise when one of these hits the streets on LS.
  • Name:M67
    • In Game name:Grenade
    • My Reason: An M67 frag grenade, has been used since Vietnam and one of the most used grenades in the world. Would be a first since GTA III.

Sniper Rifles:

  • Name:Winchester Model 70
    • In Game name:Sniper Rifle
    • Magazine Size:5
    • My Reason:Called the "Bolt-action Rifle of the Century" and "The Rifleman's Rifle" the Winchester Model 70 is one of the most popular and well known bolt action rifles in sports shooting history. It is used by not only sportsmen, but military and police snipers as well. Its fame combined with its high reliability would be plausible for the protagonist to wield.
  • Name:Dragunov aka SVD
    • In Game name:Combat Sniper
    • Magazine Size:10
    • As with most Russian firearms criminals both in reality and pop culture are often traded to criminals due to Russian weapons being known for cheapness , durability, and reliability the Dragounov is no exception. A semi automatic sniper rifle in use by armies and criminals around the world so this is another weapon that would not be to far fetched to have in GTA V.

Weapon Features

One thing I really hope for in GTA V is weapon customization and weapons skins (and not like the ones like you would see in COD). Anyways enemies you encounter (aside from street cops) both in and out of missions will have a gun mixed with a random attachment along with the possibility if a random furniture which most players will recognize as "camo".

Weapon Skins

First off the weapon skins. I will try to be both realistic and have variety and this list will be updated as time goes on. Also there may be some inaccuracies with the pictures but there are just to show how the skin looks like giving you an idea how it looks on the weapon.If a weapon is not listed here that is listed above that means I have no skin ideas as of yet but feel free to give me some.


You can also modify your weapon have its various stats such as accuracy or even its magazine size but these Mods will have downsides as well.

  • Extended Magazines (More ammo in a mag but longer reloading.)
    • Glock 23 - Mag size not extended: 15 Extended: 23 How it would look.
    • Beretta 92FS - Mag size not extended: 15 Extended: 18 How it would look.
    • Remington 870 - Mag size not extended: 4 Extended: 8 How it would look.
    • M4 Super 90 - Mag size not extended: 8 Extended: 10 How it would look: Would look the same as if it didn't have it.
    • Armsel Striker - Magazine size not extended: 12 Extended: 18 How it would look: Would look the same as if it didn't have it.
    • MP5A2 - Magazine size not extended: 30 Extended: 40 How it would look.