User:MrLanceVanceDance/to do

General Tasks

  • 1. Find unused images a home if they're useful to that page. Otherwise flag to delete. (resolved for now)
  • 2. Created wanted categories.
  • 3. Complete articles that I consider incomplete.
  • 4. Create new articles.
  • 5. Make sure all articles are detailed and complete.
  • 6. Correct spelling errors.
  • 7. Help With Main Grand Theft Wiki Articles.
  • 8. Help With Fixing Grammatical/Spelling/Punctuation Errors.
  • 9. Tag articles with issues. (resolved for now)
  • 10. Help out the wiki whenever I can in any way I can.
  • 11. *Keep spoilers to a minimum, and clearly mark the rest

Maintenance Tasks