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About me

Hello I am an avid fan of the GTA series, I am not as knowledgeable of the series as other editors(I played quite a few games, these being: Vice City, San Andreas, Vice City Stories, Liberty City Stories). I got interested in this wiki after I bought San Andreas(on XBLA) and had trouble with a few missions, already being a previous editor from Wikia, I wanted a better and more professional source of information. I didn't until a year later. So yeah.

What I do

I mainly edit Grammar and Spelling. Like I said earlier I didn't play many of the games.

Games I plan to play

  • Grand Theft Auto IV
  • [Prototype]
  • The Darkness

That's the whole list as of yet... but it will grow... quickly.

Games I can't wait for

Gah every year I watch E3 and get myself in the same hole...

  • GTA V
  • [Prototype] 2
  • Bioshock Infinite

Wikia and why I hate it

Wikia tries to make itself look like a non-profit organization. But well it's not. It wasn't at the beginning even though we ALL know that it isn't non-profit. The information is on wikipedia. Their "staff" are comparable to Nazi's their word is the law. I knew people who were banned simply because they spoke against "Oasis". Good people, who only wanted their opinion out. But the rest just want more money in their bank.

Oasis sucks, it makes it difficult to navigate through as site. Which contains more AD's than information.