V-Rock Recording Studio

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V-Rock Recording Studio
The building housing V-Rock's studio in Downtown, GTA Vice City.
Location: Downtown, Vice City
Use: Offices

The V-Rock Recording Studio is the recording studio for heavy metal and rock of the radio station V-Rock in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. This is located in Downtown, Vice City, front Hoarmount Avenue.


Love Fist performs and hangs around the V-Rock recording studio. Tommy Vercetti goes to the V-Rock recording studio to receive missions from Love Fist. There are satellite dishes on top of the V-Rock recording studio as well as a large sign saying "V-Rock". The V-Rock recording studio building is rectangluar shaped. The main doorway has the V-Rock logo put at the top of the doorway.

The missions that take place here in GTA Vice City are: