Love Juice

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Love Juice
Kent Paul introducing Tommy Vercetti to Love Fist band members Jezz Torrent, Dick, and Percy inside the V-Rock studios in Downtown, Vice City.

Kent Paul introducing Tommy Vercetti to Love Fist band members Jezz Torrent, Dick, and Percy inside the V-Rock studios in Downtown, Vice City.
Game GTA Vice City
For Love Fist
Target Obtain Love Juice for Love Fist.
Location Downtown, Vice City
Fail Death of Tommy Vercetti
Arrest of Tommy Vercetti
The Love Juice Dealer gets away
Death of Mercedes Cortez
Reward $2,000
Unlocks Psycho Killer
Alloy Wheels of Steel
Unlocked by Rub Out

Love Juice is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by rock band Love Fist from the V-Rock recording studio in Downtown, Vice City.


Tommy meets up with Kent Paul and is introduced to the Love Fist band. The band wants a specific drug called Love Juice and wants Tommy to get it for them. Tommy heads to a location to meet with the drug dealer. The drug dealer has what Tommy needs but takes off with the money and the drug and attempts to escape on his PCJ 600. Tommy chases and kills the drug dealer and manages to retrieve the drug. Kent Paul calls and informs Tommy that Love Fist wants some company. Tommy heads to Mercedes Cortez' apartment in Vice Point to pick her up for the band. Tommy and Mercedes manage to reach the recording studio before the band is needed on stage.


(At the recording studio)

Jezz Torrent: AllllllllRrrighttt!

Kent Paul: Yessss! Brilliant, bloody brilliant! Hey, Tommy! Glad you could make it. Hey, you ever met Love Fist before?

Tommy Vercetti: No, I haven't but I've always loved your music.

Kent Paul: Let me introduce you to the band. This is Percy, Dick, and Willy's in the kaze, and that was Jezz in the booth earlier, and guys, I want you to meet a good friend of mine. This is Tommy. We go way back.

Jezz Torrent: All right, pal. And eh, what was your name again?

Kent Paul: Leave it out, Jezz you, remember - don't be playing them games with me, mate, I'm too crafty for that, sunshine! You see, the thing is, Tom, the boys need some help. They ain't too connected here, they don't have the old 'how's your father?'

Jezz Torrent: We need some drugs, pal! Gonna get on the old Love Fist fury, you know?!

Tommy Vercetti: Well, this is Vice City, man. What's the problem?

Percy: Love Juice, man!

Dick: We need Love Juice, man, you know?

Tommy Vercetti: Love Juice?

Jezz Torrent: Aye, two parts boomshine, 1 part trumpet, 5 fizz bombs and a liter of petrol. Can you help us out, pal? Aw, it would really mean a lot to the boys.

Kent Paul: You can do that for the boys, right?

(At the meeting place)

Dealer: Looking for something special? I got what you need! Thanks for the money, sucker!

(Kent calls Tommy)

Kent Paul: Hey mate, the guys could do with some company, if you know what I mean...

Tommy Vercetti: I know just the girl.

(At Mercedes' apartment)

Tommy Vercetti: Hey, Mercedes!

Mercedes Cortez: Hiya, Tommy. And how are you?

Tommy Vercetti: Just fine. Listen, you fancy having Love Fist?

Mercedes Cortez: Ok, but just as a favor I expect returned..

(Outside the recording studio)

Mercedes Cortez: I'll see you later, big boy.


The reward for completing this mission is $2,000. The missions Psycho Killer and Alloy Wheels of Steel are unlocked.


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