Mr and Mrs Bellic

Mr. and Mrs. Bellic is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV triggered by a phone call from Roman Bellic after Niko makes his Deal or Revenge decision. It is the only mission after this decision which is common to both endings. The mission consists purely of a cutscene depicting the wedding of Roman to Mallorie Bardas -- the end of the scene, however, is dependent on Niko's above mentioned decision.

Mr and Mrs Bellic
For Roman Bellic
Location Algonquin
Reward Nothing
Unlocks Out of Commission/A Revenger's Tragedy
Unlocked by If the Price is Right (Deal)/A Dish Served Cold (Revenge)


There is no reward for beating the mission, but the final storyline mission, A Revenger's Tragedy (Deal)/Out of Commission (Revenge) is unlocked.

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  • Ironically, whoever Niko takes advice from is the person that will end up dying. Also, this was the church in which the funeral for either Derrick or Francis McReary was held.