Mr and Mrs Bellic/Script

The following is a script of the mission "Mr and Mrs Bellic" in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Pre mission phone calls

Roman: Niko, I'm getting married tomorrow. Can you believe it? Make sure you get lots of beauty sleep. You need to be at the church at 10am though.

Niko: Sure Roman, I'll see you at the church. I'm looking forward to it.

Roman: Niko, today is going to be the happiest day of my life. I'm getting married to the beautiful Mallorie. How is the best man?

Niko: He's fine.

Roman: You better be better than fine, cousin. Get to the church for 10am and remember to wear some nice clothes. I want you looking good for the wedding.

Roman: Niko, where are you? I'm at the church now! I'm getting married. This cannot happen without my best man.

Niko: Don't worry, Roman. I'm on my way.

Roman: Thank you, cousin. Remember to wear some nice clothes. I want you looking good for the happiest day of my life.

Dialogue (Deal)

Brucie: Alright, time to preen like a peacock.

Roman: Look at you in those fancy clothes, Niko. Trying to upstage the groom on his wedding day? Let's get me married.

(Everyone walks into the church)

Preacher: I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.

(Mallorie and Roman kiss)

Mallorie: Mwah!

Roman: Ah man, yes I did it!

Crowd: Wonderful, wonderful...

(Everyone walks outside)

Crowd: Yay! Yeah!

Niko: Congratulations cousin!

Mallorie: Mwah!

Roman: Alright! Yes... Thank you. Thank you all for coming! Yes! Okay!

(As everyone cheers, a man in a dark suit walks up behind Niko)

Assassin: Niko Bellic?

Niko: Yes?

Assassin: A gift form Dimitri Rascalov.

(The assassin puts a gun to Niko but he struggles with him, firing several shots off before eventually turning the gun on the hitman and killing him)

Bernie: Ah! Oh my God!

Mallorie: Ahhh! Roman... no!

Little Jacob: Bumbaclot.

(After seeing that a shot from the gun killed Roman, Niko shoots the gun into the corpse of the hitman and begins kicking it)

Little Jacob: Yo, yo, yo... Niko, Niko, Niko. Calm down man, calm down man. Easy, easy.

Niko: He told me to leave it. I left it!

Little Jacob: Niko, Niko, get up man, get up man, get up.

Niko: Ohh... oh, man!

Little Jacob: Gotta get you outta here now, police dem soon come. Don't worry, man, me find Dimitri me call you. Leave!

Niko: Okay.

Mallorie: No!

Dialogue (Revenge)

(Niko calls Kate)

Niko: Hey, Kate. I took your advice. I cut my connections with that man.

Kate: I'm really proud of you, Niko. It must have been really hard to turn down the money and stick to your principles.

Niko: Well it was the right thing to do. Are you coming to Roman's wedding?

Kate: Can you pick me up and take me there? I'll be at my ma's.

Niko: See you soon.

(If Niko doesn't have a car)

Kate: Can you get us a car?

Kate: Hey Niko! Let's get a car.

(If Niko picks up Kate while he is wearing anything besides a suit with smart shoes)

Kate: Oh, I didn't realize it was going to be such a casual service. Shall we go to the church?

(If Niko picks up Kate while he is wearing a suit and smart shoes)

Kate: Thanks for coming to get me. You're looking really nice. Shall we go to the church?

(Niko begins to drive to the church)

Kate: So?

Niko: So... what?

Kate: So... this is weird.

Niko: Why is this weird?

Kate: Because I'm going to the wedding of a couple I've never met with a man I barely know.

Niko: Okay, maybe it is weird, but maybe it isn't. I feel like I want to get to know you properly. I have tied up a lot of loose ends in this city recently. I feel like it's time to move on, start living my life right.

Kate: But you're a tough guy with a death wish. A thieving, murdering, drug dealing idiot. Do you just think you can just walk away from all that?

Niko: I can try.

Kate: Good luck, Niko. I really hope you can walk away. But, do you think the men you've dealt with will just let you leave and walk into the sunset?

Niko: They will have to.

Kate: I thought that when you do the work that you do, that people get their hooks into you. And then there's no way out.

Niko: I was good once, I was a normal kid who got sucked into a war he didn't believe and forced to watch his friends die. Forced to do things he did not want to do in order to survive. If I can get pulled into this world I can pull myself out. I have tried to make the right choices, to surround myself with good people rather than bad ones. Good people like you. That has to count for something.

Kate: Tell me, have these good people been hurt by what you've had to do? Has your cousin been caught up in your mad life?

Niko: Maybe you're right, Roman has been hurt. He has lost a lot because of me. Someone without his good naturedness and optimism would have been broken by what has happened to him. I am lucky that he is still happy to be part of my family. The one family I have in this city...

Kate: He might be your only family, but he's not the only one who cares about you, Niko.

Niko: Really?

Kate: Don't be stupid. I'm not coming to this wedding for the free nibbles. I'm coming because of you. Because... no matter how stupid I think this is, I'm willing to take a chance on you. Willing to take a chance on the possibility that you can walk away from the craziness. That there is a real human being under all that hardness. The rational half of me says get away from him - protect yourself. But the other half says he's good, he can be redeemed.

Niko: Well, which half are you going to listen to?

Kate: I'm Irish, Niko. We're a people known for strong whiskey, mystics and Catholicism. Rational blood doesn't flow through these veins.

Niko: You won't regret this, Kate. I'll look after you. I'll protect you.

(If Niko shows up in clothing besides a suit and smart shoes)

Roman: Niko, what are you doing? I told you to dress up. We will wait. Go and change, quickly.

Kate: I'll wait for you here, Niko. I'd like to get to know the groom.

Brucie: Alright, time to preen like a peacock.

Roman: Look at you in those fancy clothes, Niko. Trying to upstage the groom on his wedding day? Let's get me married.

(Everyone walks into the church)

Preacher: I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.

(Mallorie and Roman kiss)

Roman: Ah man, yes I did it!

Crowd: Wonderful, wonderful...

(Everyone walks outside)

Niko: Hey!

Crowd: Yeah!

Niko: Yeah! Congratulations cousin!

Mallorie: Thanks for coming!

Roman: Alright, yes, okay! Yes, we are married!

Mallorie: Niko.

(As the crowd celebrates, an angry Jimmy Pegorino emerges from a car and shoots in the hopes of hitting Niko)

Pegorino: You fucking double crossing immigrant shit!

(Pegorino leaves and Niko checks on Kate who has been hit by the gunfire)

Roman: Oh man, man... Niko... Niko, come on... Somebody call an ambulance! Call a fucking ambulance!

Niko: She'd dead!

Roman: What? Oh shit. Shit, shit!

Niko: She told me to leave it. I thought it had. I thought it was over!

Little Jacob: It's never over, iyah.

Roman: Niko, you can't blame yourself.

Niko: Of course I can! She's dead!

(Niko shoves Roman but Jacob intervenes)

Little Jacob: Easy, easy, easy... I your brother, man, easy. Calm down, man, calm down.

Roman: Niko, you have to get out of here.

Little Jacob: Yes, go on man go on. We have to leave man, just leave.

Roman: You have to go... Get out of here! Go!

Little Jacob: Go on, we take care of this, man. Leave!

Niko: Okay! Okay!

Alternate dialogue

(This conversation is possibly dependent on progress with Kate and/or killing Derrick in Blood Brothers)

Kate: So, how do sociopaths behave at weddings? Will you fire a gun into the air as your cousin walks down the aisle?

Niko: No, there won't be any gunfire at this wedding. I might steal the collection box if the mood takes me though.

Kate: Oh really?

Niko: Yeah, I'll mug any nuns that are hanging around the church as well.

Kate: You know, it's not that weird to think that there might be some shooting at this wedding, not only do you seem to attract ultra-violence where you go, but this was the church where we had my brother's funeral. You remember how that turned out?

Niko: Yeah. How are you about that? Do you miss him?

Kate: I'm okay, he's still in my thoughts, you know. He brought it on himself and he wasn't a good person. When I think about him I just wish that he'd been happy in his life.

Niko: What would have made him happy?

Kate: It's hard to say, but maybe the right person.

Niko: Yeah? Do you think that that is the answer for everyone then?

Kate: Maybe. The right person can make your life wonderful in the same way that the wrong one can ruin it. The problem is that it's difficult to tell which one the man you are with is.

Niko: I've had some trouble telling right and wrong apart before. After the war, I was involved in a life I felt was not for me. Those decisions became very difficult.

Kate: You're talking about your criminal exploits as if they are a thing of the past.

Niko: Well maybe there are. I don't want to be involved with the men I have been involved with. I want to surround myself with good people, not bad ones. Recently, I have tied up a lot of loose ends in this city. My past does not haunt me in the way that it used to. I have tried to separate myself from it. I am ready to try to be good.

Kate: Are you? Are you prepared to say goodbye to the fast cars, the drugs, the violence, the cheap women?

Niko: Yes I am.

Kate: Do you think the men you've been dealing with will let you walk off into the sunset?

Niko: They will have to. I am not a slave. It would be easier to be happy if I was with the right person though.

Kate: How do I know that you're right for me? How do I know that I won't get hurt?

Niko: I'll look after you, Kate. I promise I'll protect you. There's nothing else I can say.

Kate: You don't need to say anything else.

Text message

(If Niko waits until the afternoon or nighttime before going to the wedding, Roman will text him)

Shit, where are you? I'm not having this wedding without my cousin the Church is closing soon. Get here! - Rom

In Mourning


(Niko awakens to his alarm clock in his Bohan safehouse)

Niko: Damn, I was meant to protect her...


Niko: Poor girl, she should never have got close to me...


(Niko awakens to his alarm clock in his Bohan safehouse)

Roman: Roman. I'm so sorry, cousin.

Post mission text message

Rhaatid, Niko. Be strong, sight? I going to find this bumbaclot! You need fe get some hardcore weapons and ting while you waiting for me call. I ain't got my car or I'd bring them to you. Easy - LJ

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Kate: Aren't you dashing?

Kate: I can't believe you'd wear that to a church.

Kate: I like that.

Kate: I'm not sure about those clothes.

Kate: Maybe you want to try something smarter.

Kate: So, here we are.

Kate: That's not exactly a wedding outfit.

Kate: That's perfect, Niko.

Roman: There you are cousin, let's move.

Kate: This is a good idea. I think you'll look so much better in a suit or something. It's Roman's big day.

Little Jacob: Yo, me not having no more a dis.

Kate: You look really smart in that.

Kate: You'll look nice in the wedding in that.