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Vehicles take a major role in the Grand Theft Auto series. They help the player travel faster throughout the city the game is based in. One can travel through air, water, train, and obviously, land.

Cars are not licensed and are completely fictional. However, each vehicle is based off of one (or more) in real life.

Vehicle Lists

List of vehicles in each game:

GTA V | GTA Chinatown Wars | The Ballad of Gay Tony | The Lost and Damned | GTA IV | Vice City Stories | Liberty City Stories | GTA San Andreas | GTA Vice City | GTA III | GTA 2 | GTA London 1961 & 1969 | GTA 1

Categories of vehicles for each game:

GTA IV | Vice City Stories | Liberty City Stories | GTA San Andreas | GTA Vice City | GTA III | GTA 2 | GTA London 1961 & 1969 | GTA 1

Vehicle Brands

Albany | American Motors | Annis | Benefactor | BF | Bollokan | Bravado | Brute | Buckingham | Canis | Cheval | Classique | Coil | Declasse | Dewbauchee | Dinka | DUDE | Dundreary | Emperor | Endurex | Enus | Fathom | Gallivanter | Grotti | Hijak | HVY | Imponte | Invetero | Jobuilt | Karin | Lampadati | Liberty Chop Shop | Liberty City Cycles | Maibatsu Corporation | Mammoth | MTL | Nagasaki | Obey | Ocelot | Overflod | Pegassi | Pfister | Principe | Progen | ProLaps | Schyster | Shitzu | Speedophile | Stanley | Steel Horse | Tri-Cycles | Truffade | Ubermacht | Vapid | Vulcar | Weeny | Western Company | Western Motorcycle Company | Whippet | Willard | Zirconium

Vehicle Types

All Vehicles

Helping out

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Featured Vehicle

A Banshee in GTA IV

The Banshee

The Banshee is one of the most iconic vehicles in the Grand Theft Auto series. Since its first appearance in GTA III, it has appeared in all following GTA games and has become a sought-after sports car and valuable vehicle to many players. It is a common sight in richer areas such as Starfish Island and has one of the highest speeds of any vehicle in the GTA series.

The design of the Banshee had differed thought the various games it has appeared in. In GTA III, GTA Liberty City Stories and GTA San Andreas it resembles a Dodge Viper RT/10. In GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories it resembles a 1984-1996 Corvette C4. While in GTA IV the Banshee is manufactured by Bravado and adapts a more modern look, resembling a 1996-2002 Dodge Viper Coupe.