[[File:HossanRamzy-GTAIV.jpg|right|thumb|210px|Hossan Ramzy in GTA IV.]] '''Hossan Ramzy''' is an Egyptian merchant seaman, [[Niko Bellic|Niko Bellic's]] former shipmate and friend from the [[Platypus]] in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]]. In the game's introduction, he expresses a desire to "make a go of it" and enter the [[United States]] to live the American Dream. In an e-mail, Hossan says that he has jumped ship in Florida, and expects to reside there; eventually, however, he decides to head back north to [[Liberty City in GTA IV Era|Liberty City]]. It is possible for the player to [[Random Encounter|meet up]] with Hossan as a [[Random Characters|random encounter]] in western [[Algonquin]], where he works as a street vendor selling counterfeit purses and bags. During this encounter, he and Niko pursue and kill a man who refused to pay Hossan for his work. Hossan is voiced by [[Sean Krishnan]] ==Mission appearances== ;GTA IV *[[The Cousins Bellic]] *[[Random Encounter]] ==LCPD Database information== '''Surname''': Ramzy '''First Name''': Hossan '''Age''': 40 '''Place of Birth:''' Egypt '''Affiliations''': N/A '''Criminal Record''': *2007 - Trademark Counterfeiting '''Notes''': *Recent immigrant to Liberty City from Egypt. *Arrested selling counterfeit handbags in Suffolk. ==Trivia== Hossan's e-mail address is [mailto:[email protected] [email protected]]. Hossan claims in his e-mail that he jumped ship in Florida, despite the fact the [[Platypus]] is still docked in [[East Hook]], and stays there for the entire game. {{GTA IV Characters}} [[Category:Characters|Ramzy, Hossan]] [[Category:Characters in GTA IV|Ramzy, Hossan]] [[Category:Random Characters|Ramzy, Hossan]] [[de:Hossan Ramzy]] [[es:Hossan Ramzy]] [[nl:Hossan Ramzy]]


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