{{infobox mission |name = A Long Way to Fall |image = ALongWaytoFall-GTAIV.jpg |caption = Teddy falling to his death. |game = IV |for = [[Ray Boccino]] |location = [[Little Italy]] & [[North Holland]] |target = [[Teddy Benavidez]] |reward = $8500 |unlocks = [[Taking in the Trash]] (after [[Three Leaf Clover]]) |unlockedby = [[Harbouring a Grudge]] }} Niko meets an [[wp:Italy|Italian]] mobster named [[Ray Boccino]] in a [[Drusilla's|restaurant]] in [[Little Italy]], [[Liberty City in GTA IV Era|Liberty City]]. Ray asks [[Niko Bellic|Niko]] to do him a favor - kill [[Teddy Benavidez]] in the Galveston Projects. == [[Walkthrough]] == After the initial [[cutscene]], head over to the projects in Northern [[Algonquin]]. On the way, Boccino sends you a text message with a picture of a man with a sports jacket. Remember the number on the jacket and arrive at the projects. Get out of your car if you took one and find [[Alonzo]], the guy with the sports jacket that knows where Teddy is. Target Alonzo and after his conversation is complete, either kill him or let him go and head to the nearby apartment building. Get to the elevator on the [[Heads-Up Display|radar]] and take the right elevator up to 20th floor. If you let Alonzo live, he'll go to phone Teddy and warn him that Niko is coming for him. The thugs will immediatly attack Niko once he gets out of the elevator. If you kill Alonzo, a pair of thugs notices the open elevator and asks Niko whether he is moving in. Kill the two thugs before they get their weapons out and go outside of the elevator room. Gain cover and shoot all of the thugs on the way to the stairs. Take the stairs up to the next level and kill the thugs on that level. After you climb a few floors and kill a few dozen thugs, Niko will notice Apartment 151K and breaks in. Get a weapon and shoot Teddy's bodyguards. Teddy is around the corner, walk around the apartment a little. Teddy smashes a door in Niko's face and makes a run for it. Chase him to the roof of the projects and corner him at the edge of the building. Use any weapon to make Teddy slip off of the side of the building and scream through a 25-story fall. Benavidez will fall onto a patch of grass dead. Niko appears at the front door of the projects and the mission is passed with a call to Ray. ==Deaths== * [[Teddy Benavidez]] - Killed on orders from [[Ray Boccino]]. * [[Alonzo]] - (Optional) Can be killed so he does not warn Teddy of [[Niko]]'s arrival. * Many of Teddy's [[Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers|Goons]]. == Trivia == * Any weapon at any angle will kill Teddy. Even if Niko shoots at Teddy at an angle to the side or even behind him, he will still fall back. * If you decide to hit Teddy with a bat, he will still fall, even though Niko didnt hit him. * If you equip a Molotov or a Grenade, you can exeucute Teddy, sending him falling down the building on fire. * If you go back to the same apartment building, the apartment is still enterable and the bricks on the roof, where Teddy falls through, are still loose. It's worth pointing out that if you go up the ladders on the water-tank, it will offer spectacular views of the [[Alderney City]] skyline. [[Category:Missions in GTA IV]]


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For missions in GTA 1 associated with the car, see Cossie (mission 1) and Cossie (mission 2).
Cossie, as shown in GTA 1

The Cossie is featured in Grand Theft Auto 1 and is based on the Ford Escort RS Cosworth. It is only available in white.

The name 'Cossie' is likely a reference to the fact that the car is based of a Ford Escort RS Cosworth.