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Davis Ave is a street running from Chamberlain Hills in the west to Rancho in the east, crossing through Davis and Strawberry. The avenue has connections to Capital Blvd, Carson Ave, Grove St, Innocence Blvd, Macdonald St, New Empire Way and Strawberry Ave. The street is controlled by the Ballas on the western end of the street and by the Los Santos Vagos on the eastern side.

Events of HD Universe

The protagonist of GTA Online is sent to Mosley Auto Service to destroy the cars on their lot by Simeon Yetarian, the damage of which can be seen months later, during the mission Blow Up. Michael De Santa is later put into the Strawberry Mortuary by corrupt FIB agent Dave Norton to identify the body of Ferdinand Kerimov, who corpse the IAA had claimed was being held in the mortuary, during the mission Dead Man Walking.

Businesses and locations