I think [[Kane]] might be the leader of thae ballas because he has the most expensive car of of all the members, and usually in a criminal gang the boss has a luxury car like a [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercedes-Benz_S-Class mercedes benz S class] (which the admiral is based on) so for this reason I believe kane to be the boss of the ballas in the early missions of san andreas. when kane is killed I believe either [[Big Smoke]] or [[B Dup|B-Dup]] took over as the leader of the ballas. The evidence: '''Smoke''': because he makes the most money dealing crack or '''B-Dup:''' because he has an [[Infernus]] which is the most expensive car. I can only submit this as theories not FACT. so Who do you think is the leader of the Ballas please submit your theories in the space below.[[User:Andrew nicholson|Andrew nicholson]] 16:44, July 6, 2010 (UTC) :Uhm... if Kane was the leader of the Ballas, it would have been flat out mentioned in the game. There is no official leader of the Ballas, they are split into factions (eg. Temple Drive Ballas) and operate on their own, spread out and freely. Kane is just a high up member of the Ballas, B-Dup, isn't exactly a member, he's just an assosiate, same with Big Smoke. [[User:6FTofDIRT|6FTofDIRT]] 21:12, July 6, 2010 (UTC) ::If the ballas are split into factions like the mafia, then Kane is the leader of the most powerful ballas faction. I just thought that the leader of a criminal gang usually drives a mercedes benz s-class so I assumed Kane to be the leader. I still think he is.[[User:Andrew nicholson|Andrew nicholson]] 16:07, July 9, 2010 (UTC) :::I do not think that the leader of every gang in existence would drive a Mercedes Benz. Kane would be perhaps comparable to [[Sweet]], in that he (possibly) is a leader of a sub sect of the gang. For instance, Sweet is seen as a leader of Grove Street Families (Grove St sect) but he would not be the leader of Seville Boulevard Families. Therefore I think it'd be safe to say that Kane is not the Ballas' leader, if they had one at all. I know this conversation happened a while ago, I just thought I'd leave this here in case anybody got the wrong idea. [[User:Ess-Tee|Ess-Tee]] ([[User talk:Ess-Tee|talk]]|[[Special:Contributions/Ess-Tee|edits]]) 18:39, 25 January 2013 (UTC) Kane is the leader of the Front Yard Ballas not the other sets though. Off-topic. In Poland, the word "ballas" means "crap". == Gang Cars in GTA V == The Tornado and Buccaneer are just the ones ''I've'' found when venturing down Grove Street, so there may be more. [[User:Ghost Leader|Ghost Leader]] ([[User talk:Ghost Leader|talk]]|[[Special:Contributions/Ghost Leader|edits]]) 05:21, 27 February 2014 (GMT)

Innocence Blvd

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Innocence Blvd is a street in Los Santos, which appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The boulevard runs from La Puerta in the west to Cypress Flats in the east, running through Strawberry, Davis, Rancho, La Mesa and Little Seoul. The street has connections to Alta St, Amarillo Vista, Amarillo Way, Calais Ave, Crusade Rd, Davis Ave, Elgin Ave, Jamestown St, La Puerta Freeway, Orchardville Ave, Popular St, Power St, Roy Lowenstein Blvd, Strawberry Ave and Tower Way. The street also runs over Little Bighorn Ave and the Elysian Fields Freeway. The area in Strawberry is controlled by The Families while in Cypress Flats it is controlled by the Los Santos Vagos.

Events of HD Universe

Michael De Santa, while working for corrupt FIB agent Dave Norton, is placed into the Strawberry Mortuary to locate the body of Ferdinand Kerimov. Michael is unable to do so, as Kerimov is being held by the IAA and breaks back out of the mortuary killing a number of IAA agents on the way. Franklin Clinton starts five tow-truck Strangers and Freaks missions for Tonya Wiggins, covering for her boyfriend JB Bradshaw, at the LSPD Auto Impound. Franklin can later purchase the LSPD Auto Impound and begin side missions involving towing broken down or illegally parked vehicles. The player can also rob the 24/7 store and a Gruppe Sechs van from the Globe Oil filling station.

Businesses and places

Name Location Street Type
24/7 Strawberry Convenience store
Aguila Burrito Strawberry Strawberry Ave Food and drink
Bad Day Goods Davis Davis Ave Discount store
Bilingsgate Motel Rancho Motel
Cart-L Farmacia Chamberlain Hills Carson Ave Pharmacy
Cent Carpet Rancho Roy Lowenstein Blvd Furniture
Central Los Santos Medical Center Davis/Strawberry Davis Ave/Crusade Rd Healthcare
Checkout! Strawberry Strawberry Ave Supermarket
City Paints.Inc Strawberry Furniture
Click Lovers Davis Davis Ave Electronics
Cluckin' Bell Chamberlain Hills Carson Ave Food and drink
County of Los Santos Coroner Davis Crusade Rd Coroner's office
Davis City Hall Davis Davis Ave Government
Davis Sheriff's Station Davis/Rancho Law enforcement
Discount Beauty Store La Puerta Alta St Beauty salon
Discount Store Strawberry Strawberry Ave Clothing
Family Dental Strawberry Strawberry Ave Healthcare
Fern's Strawberry Elgin Ave Import/Export
Flints Autos Strawberry Power St Garage
Fowl Mouthed Davis Davis Ave Food and drink
Fridgit Cypress Flats Popular St Storage
Gav's Ca$h Exchange Strawberry Pawn
Glass Heroes Strawberry Garage
Globe Oil La Puerta Alta St Filling station
Go Loco Cypress Flats Transport
Hands On Car Wash Strawberry Car wash
Happy Shark Bail Bonds Chamberlain Hills/Strawberry Carson Ave Bail bonds
Los Santos Coroner Souvenirs Strawberry Souvenir store
Los Santos Office Supply Co. Strawberry Office supplies
Los Santos Tattoos El Burro Heights El Rancho Blvd Tattoo parlour
LS Paper Co. Strawberry Office supplies
LSPD Auto Impound Rancho Roy Lowenstein Blvd Law enforcement
Mom's Tacos Davis Davis Ave Food and drink
Pißwasser Cypress Flats Popular St Food and drink factory
Porn Crackers Davis Davis Ave Adult
Puerto Del Sol Station Little Seoul Metro station
Ring of Fire Chili House Davis Strawberry Ave Food and drink
Sheet Yourself Laundromat Davis Davis Ave Laundromat
She Nails Davis Davis Ave Beauty salon
Snapper's Delight Chamberlain Hills Carson Ave Photography
Straight & Direct Strawberry Alta St Plumbing supplies
Strawberry Mortuary Rancho Davis Ave Mortuary
Suds Cleaners Strawberry Strawberry Ave Cleaners
Tire Nutz Strawberry Power St Garage
Video Alcove Chamberlain Hills Carson Ave Entertainment
Vine Print Strawberry Print works
Wok It Off Chamberlain Hills Carson Ave Food and drink
Zany-Z's Hot Dealz Davis Davis Ave Discount store