[[Image:Rhino-GTA3-front.jpg|thumb|right|300px|A Rhino in GTA III.]] The '''Rhino''' is the name of an armored fighting vehicle since [[Grand Theft Auto III]], commonly referred to by players simply as a Tank. The Rhino has since appeared in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]], [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]], [[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]], [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]], and [[Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars]]. == Description == Like [[Tank|it's predecessor]] in [[Grand Theft Auto 2]], the Rhino appears when the player attains a six star [[Wanted Level in GTA III Era|wanted rating]]. In all games, the Rhino can be avoided without much difficulty because of its slow speed and bad handling, but it's extremely deadly if the player attempts engaging one and the soldier driving always carries strong weapons. Also, when successfully stolen, authorities can bust the player due to the Rhino's slow speed. When it hits a vehicle, the vehicle most of the time explodes straight away; if not, it starts to burn instead, in [[Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars]] however, this does not happen. Although the Rhino has a cannon it is never used by law enforcement, this however is changed in GTA Chinatown Wars as the Army will fire the cannon which causes massive damage to, and usually kills, the player. The Rhino is practically invincible to small arms fire and crashes; and only [[Satchel Charges]], Dozens of other explosives and rockets and the [[Police Maverick]]'s mounted gun can cause damage to it. Also, flame weapons (such as the [[Molotov Cocktail|molotov cocktails]] and [[Flamethrower|flamethrower]]) can also be used to inflict damage. === Design === In GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA Liberty City Stories and GTA Vice City Stories, the Rhino features a seemingly original but chunky design comparable a modified [[wp:M3 Lee|M3 tank]]. It is of heavy construction, with doors on both sides that can be easily damaged with even the slightest hit, and a truck-style 3-axle drivetrain with easily seen wheels. The turret can be rotated by pressing buttons, which made precise shooting almost impossible. In its original appearance in GTA III, the Rhino assumes a stark appearance with little details on its armored body. The GTA Vice City rendition, however, added various equipment on the vehicle, as well as enlarging the turret's barrel. While the GTA Liberty City Stories and GTA Vice City Stories would follow design ques of the GTA III and GTA Vice City renditions, the turret barrel of GTA Liberty Stories rendition is of the same size and length as that in GTA Vice City, while the GTA Vice City Stories' is even longer. In GTA San Andreas, the Rhino looks like an [[wp:M1 Abrams|M1 Abrams]] and it is much more realistic. It is colored beige (desert camouflage), has a normal tank entrance in front and a new drivetrain with smaller wheels, which look almost like tracks. It also has a new steering system, that finally allows the player to make very tight turns. The turret is operated with the mouse or right thumbstick ([[PlayStation 2]]), which allows the player to shoot directly at the target. The Rhino in GTA San Andreas is also heavy enough to literary push aircraft, making the Rhnio an ideal vehicle to [[Andromada#Appearances|push the destroyed Andromada]] from "[[Stowaway]]". Interestingly enough, neither the GTA San Andreas nor the non-GTA San Andreas versions have caterpillar tracks as their their real life counterparts; the reason for this is probably due to the limits of the game's engine. The Rhino does not appear in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]]; this is assumed to be because of Rockstar's goal of making GTA IV more realistic than previous games. However, GTA Chinatown Wars reintroduces the Rhino with an appearance similar to the original Rhino but depicts threads. {| align="center" | Rhino-GTA3-front.jpg|GTA III. Rhino-GTAVC-front.jpg|GTA Vice City. Rhino-GTASA-front.jpg|GTA San Andreas. Rhino-GTACW.png|GTA Chinatown Wars. |} === Performance and durability === {|class="wikitable" ! !First Rhino !Second Rhino |- !Color |Green camouflage |Desert camouflage |- !Handling |Handling of this tank is terrible. Even at low speeds its turns are horribly wide. Unlike the normal tank it has very poor acceleration, when maximum speed is normal for this kind of tank. It has a working handbrake, but because of its wide turning radius and dual rear axles it is difficult to tighten turns with it. Tank is quite bouncy, so its wheels easily lose contact with ground. Its small ground clearance, bouncy suspension and low torque makes this tank very poor when driving off-road, or even through small barriers. |This tank has 2 steering modes: normal allows it to make turns a little better than trucks, and extra, activated with handbrake button, allows to make extra tight turns. It has little better off-road abilities, but it is still far from perfect. It has better acceleration and grip, but it still cannot go through high obstacles. It handles better on road. The turret now points to where the player's camera is pointed, making it difficult to aim in some circumstances. It has no lights or sirens. |- !Tricks | *The player is able to reach high speeds by rotating the turret towards the rear of the tank and start shooting. The recoil from the cannon will propel the Tank forwards, and vice versa. *If the Tank hits a normal vehicle with a light amount of force, the vehicle will explode. *Because of its slow speed and presence of doors, the player can be easily busted by a police officer, or any other lawman. It is even more hazardous when the doors are missing. *Hitting other tanks damages the player's tank. *The tank is completely impervious to explosives, but not flameproof. | *The player can still use turret trick to accelerate, however, because of the camera in San Andreas, the player cannot see anything in front of him while the cannon is aimed rearward. *Damage caused to other vehicles is determined by the amount of force actually used: slight touches only push other vehicles, harder hits causes a vehicle smoke or set in on fire, and the hardest hits instantly destroys a vehicle. *Because of the more realistic access hatch, it is more difficult for the player to get busted. *Hitting other tanks damages the player's tank. |} In GTA III and GTA Vice City, the Rhino is bullet-proof and explosion-proof and as such it is immune to all weapons minus the [[Flamethrower|flamethrower]] and [[Molotov Cocktail|molotovs]]. In GTA San Andreas, the Rhino is still a tough vehicle, however, after sustained fire from other tanks, it will eventually explode. While driving the Rhino, one should be careful not to drive through the flames left behind by vehicles that have exploded, as these will set the Rhino on fire doing massive damage and usually destroying it. In [[Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars]], the Rhino is immune to bullets but can still be destroyed by fire and about 10-15 hits from another Rhino's cannon or explosives. Due to the introduction of thread for GTA Chinatown War's Rhino, the tank gains another a minor advantage in that it can turn while in a stationary position. The durability of the game's Rhino, however, is turned down a notch, being more vulnerable to explosive damage than previous renditions; a pristine Rhino will begin burning as a whole after receiving seven direct hits from a [[Rocket Launcher]] or another Rhino's turret. == Missions == In the tank, the player can perform [[Vigilante|vigilante missions]], which means catching and killing suspects. The Rhino isn't necessarily the best vehicle to do this mission because the player risks increasing his own wanted level at an accelerated rate due to the tank's penchant for collateral damage. On the other hand, if the player cannot complete the missions with the other, comparatively flimsy police vehicles, the Rhino might be better. If the player can intercept the enemy vehicles, rather than chasing them, the player may be able to strike the targets with the tank instead of firing on them. This method cuts down on the wanted level the player receives, which may help him avoid having to fight the military on some occasions. In GTA Vice City, there is a mission in which the player has to steal a tank, [[Sir, Yes Sir!]]. Its doors are closed, so the player needs to wait until the driver hops out to buy some doughnuts, or kill the solider on top of the tank. This tank has a self-destruct mechanism which the player must disable before it destroys the tank. In GTA Liberty City Stories, during the mission "[[Shogun Showdown]]", the [[Yakuza]] are storing weapons in a warehouse and along with that [[Toni Cipriani]] finds a Rhino which he later destroys by detonating it with a bomb. In Chinatown Wars, [[Xin Shan]] has the player use a Rhino parked at [[Francis International Airport, Shoreside Vale|Francis International Airport]] to create havoc, diverting the police from his own machinations. == Locations == '''GTA III''' *Available at [[Phil Cassidy]]'s army base in [[Rockford]] and can be entered once the storyline is over. '''GTA Vice City''' *Starts spawning inside the [[Fort Baxter Air Base]] after having collected 90 hidden packages. '''GTA San Andreas''' *Available inside [[Area 69]], but when the base is entered 5 stars wanted level is automatically gained. *Will spawn underneath the bridge going above [[Ganton]] after [[100%]] is achieved. *Can be spawned by typing [[Cheats in GTA San Andreas|the code]] "aiwprton" during gameplay. '''GTA Liberty City Stories''' *Spawns at [[Fort Staunton]] when [[100%]] is achieved. '''GTA Vice City Stories''' *Inside the Fort Baxter military base, it is there from the beginning of the game but unlocked only when the mission [[Over The Top]] is done. '''GTA Chinatown Wars''' *Available for purchase from the [[Auto Merchant]] when the main story is complete. *Can be found in a fenced-off warehouse area at the southern end of [[Francis International Airport, Dukes|Francis International Airport]]; activates [[Fast Tracks]]. Players will warp outside a parked Rhino at the starting point regardless of whether or not the player completes or fails the mission (Note: To be used normally, the Rhino must be entered, before the player quits the side mission and reenter the Rhino quickly). == Trivia == * Sometimes a glitch occurs in GTA San Andreas, where the player is flying and has full six stars, an NPC-controlled Rhino may randomly jump up in the sky and be spinning around very fast. * Low-detailed LOD models of the Rhino in GTA San Andreas appear to assume a design more similar to older Rhinos. This difference is apparent when the player views one of the tanks from afar. * In Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, the Rhino is briefly referenced as the N.O.O.S.E. Tank. == See also == *[[Tank]], GTA1, GTA2 and GTA Advance equivalents. *[[Royal Pain]], GTA London 1969 equivalent. *[[Tiger Tank]], GTA London 1961 equivalent. *[[Hunter]] *[[APC]] {{Navboxes |title= Navigation |list1= {{vehicles|state=collapsed}} {{gtaiii vehicles|state=collapsed}} {{gtavc vehicles|state=collapsed}} {{gtasa vehicles|state=collapsed}} {{gtalcs vehicles|state=collapsed}} {{gtavcs vehicles|state=collapsed}} {{gtacw vehicles|state=collapsed}} }} [[es:Rhino]] [[Category:Vehicles]] [[Category:Vehicles in GTA III]] [[Category:Vehicles in GTA Vice City]] [[Category:Vehicles in GTA San Andreas]] [[Category:Vehicles in GTA Liberty City Stories]] [[Category:Vehicles in GTA Vice City Stories]] [[Category:Vehicles in GTA Chinatown Wars]] [[Category:Military]] [[Category:Law Enforcement Vehicles]] [[Category:Tanks]]

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This policy governs expectations of users' behaviour on Grand Theft Wiki, in line with the Rules.

This policy is not designed to be an exhaustive list of offences, but instead a guide as to how users are expected to act, and what behaviours the staff are likely to object to or take action against.

If in any doubt, contact a Manager for clarification. Users that try to contribute well and not upset other users will generally be looked upon favourably, whilst those who attempt to subvert the rules, ignore staff or disrupt the wiki can be dealt with firmly.

Editing Conduct

We are all here to build a great wiki about GTA games. Everything we do is in aid of that objective. Edits, actions and users which go against that priority will generally be frowned upon.

These are examples of edits which would generally be considered to be going against our primary objective:

  • Removing content without justification
  • Adding false or made-up content
  • Adding irrelevant content
  • Adding deliberately misleading content
  • Altering content to be false, incorrect, inaccurate, irrelevant, nonsense or misleading
  • Using the wiki for advertising or spam

The staff (of rank Administrator and above) have the power to block any users found breaching these expectations or going against this objective, whether they breach any specific rule or not. Finding a gap in a rule is not an adequate defence.

However, the staff will usually give users the benefit of the doubt, and encourage them to learn rather than proceeding to a block/ban for every action.

Abusive & Discriminatory Behaviour

Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. This includes (but is not limited to) swearing at users, personal insults, hatred campaigns, harassment and threats.

Discriminatory behaviour or attitudes will not be tolerated. This includes (but is not limited to) discrimination on the grounds of race, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation and others. Users displaying these attitudes can expect to be banned permanently, without warning. This wiki needs to be a safe environment for our users, not a haven.

There are examples of being abusive that are not as direct as the above. This includes expressing abusive or overly-negative opinions, such as edit summaries accusing a previous edit/editor of being crap/stupid etc. Whilst these may be tolerated if they are jovial and harmless, you must remember that other users may not find it funny. Action may be taken if there's evidence of harassment, personal attacks or incivility such as this.

Disruptive Behaviour

There are many examples of disruptive behaviour that are not specifically abusive.

These include taunting, baiting, lying, misquoting.

(b) harassment, including Wikihounding, personal or legal threats, posting of personal information, repeated email or user space postings; (c) sexual innuendo; (d) lying; (e) quoting another editor out of context to give the impression they hold views they do not hold, or to malign them.

In addition to this, we expect our users to have a basic grasp of the English language. On the English Grand Theft Wiki, we do not support other languages, except where they are direct quotes from a game. Users are also expected not to use colloquial shorthand (text message speak such as "how r u") or distracting formatting (fonts, size, case, colours, backgrounds, borders, images etc).

Disagreements with Users

Most users on this wiki are trying to help. From time to time, some users make mistakes. These mistakes could be, for example, adding information that isn't correct, breaking code in a page, using inappropriate language, or not following the style/content policies.

If you disagree with a user, the first thing you should do is discuss it with them; which could be on the article's talk page but is usually better on the user's talk page. This gives the user the chance to explain their actions, and learn how to improve. If you strongly believe the edit is incorrect, then you may revert it ONCE only. If the user re-performs the edit, then you must start the dispute resolution process, and you must not re-revert the edit.

The exception to this is obvious spam and vandalism. This includes things that are completely irrelevant, abusive or wrong - only when you are 100% sure.

Disagreements with Staff

In general, staff are just normal users, but quite experienced. It's perfectly possible that a staff member could be incorrect, not understand something properly, or do something wrongly. Feel free to disagree with staff if you're sure. However, this does not mean that you should go around accusing staff members of anything, reverting their edits, or ignoring them. All our staff are happy to discuss things and come to a conclusion. If you continue to disagree, you may escalate the dispute through our Disputes policy.

  • If a staff member performs an edit that you believe is wrong, discuss it with them first. Do not start an edit war. If you can't agree, escalate to a Manager.
  • If a staff member reverts one of your edits, and you disagree, discuss it with them first. Do not start an edit war. If you can't agree, escalate to a Manager.
  • If you have a complaint about the conduct of a staff member, please speak to a Manager.

Enforcement of Behaviour

Staff of rank Administrators and above have (amongst other rights and responsibilities) the power to:

  • Interpret this policy to make a decision as to whether a user's actions are against our primary objective, our rules or our policy
  • Warn users that their behaviour is unacceptable
  • Instruct users to cease a disruptive activity or to change their editing habits
  • Create a temporary set of rules or restrictions for a specific user, to make it absolutely clear what they can or can't do
  • Protect any page if it is the target of disruptive activity
  • Temporarily block a group of users to quickly stop an argument or edit war (even if not all of them have breached rules)
  • Block (or 'ban') users from this site for any length of time, for breaching a rule, policy or for being disruptive

You do not need to breach a specific rule to breach policy, users can be reprimanded for any negative or disruptive action. There is no "three strike rule" or set procedure to follow for warnings or penalties. There are no predetermined lengths for blocks. Staff are trusted to act in the best interests of this wiki, using whatever techniques, tools, rights or responsibilities they have to achieve that.

For example, a user who edits well but has a temper problem is likely to be given a chance to improve, although under strict supervision and a direct order to stop a particular pattern of behaviour. Temporary blocks may be used on larger groups of users to stop arguments or edit wars, which gives the users a chance to cool down and staff time to figure out who was responsible and who breached policy. Conversely, an automated spam bot or any disruptive user who shows no intention to edit constructively will not be given time to improve, and will generally be instantly and permanently banned.

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