McKenzie Field Hangar

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An aerial view of the air strip

See also Sandy Shores Airfield, another nearby airstrip.

The McKenzie Field Hangar is a hangar and a small dirt airstrip located in Grapeseed, in Grand Theft Auto V.


As its name implies, it is a hangar, capable of holding one small airplane. It is possible to buy the hangar and runway for $150,000. It is only available to buy if playing as Trevor.

Arms trafficking

After the hangar is purchased, it features arms trafficking missions by either land or air. There is a Dune Buggy for the land weapons-running side mission, as well as a Cuban 800 for air deliveries. Upon completion of a side mission, Trevor gets paid $5000 for land deliveries and $7000 for the air deliveries. Completing air deliveries quickly awards a time bonus of $125, accuracy with drops gives additional $125 bonus and flying below radar on missions that require it give yet another $125.


  • In Minor TurbulenceTrevor says that he is going to land the Cargo Plane at McKenzie Field, but this is practically impossible as the Cargo Plane is too big even for the Fort Zancudo runway.
  • Dusters can occasionally be found taking off or landing here.