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Radio Station
Genre: Chicago house, acid house, deep house
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
DJ(s): Hans Oberlander

San Fierro Underground Radio, or SF-UR, is a house music radio station hosted by Hans Oberlander. He frequently talks about Europe and being neglected and treated like an "old car in Cuba". As its name suggests, SF-UR is broadcast from a secret location in San Fierro. This is the station the San Fierro Triads listen to.

DJ: Hans Oberlander

Genres: Chicago house, acid house, deep house



At the end of the song "This is Acid" the words 'house' and 'house nation' can be heard repeated in a fast pattern. This is part of the 1986 house song "House Nation" by House Master Boyz and the Rude Boy Of House, suggesting that the version of "This is Acid" used in the game was taken from a mixed compilation album. One possible album would be 'Trax Records: The 20th Anniversary Edition' which came out in 2004 not long before the game's release date, features "House Nation" directly after "This is Acid" and also includes other songs that appear in the game.