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Signal St is a street, running north to south, from Banning to Elysian Island in Los Santos appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The street has connections to Dutch London St in Banning to Voodoo Place on Elysian Island, with a connection to Chum St. The street mainly acts as a bridge, with a height restriction of 24 feet 11 inches, across an unnamed stretch of water separating Elysian Island from the rest of Los Santos. A second stretch of the street, which is not connected to the bridge, can be found further south in the Port of Los Santos where it connects to Voodoo Place.

Businesses and places

Name Location Street Type
Bugstars Elysian Island Pest control
Los Santos State Gas Company Elysian Island Energy and fuel
Walkers Logistics Elysian Island Logistics