{{infobox mission |name=Autocide |game=VC |image=Autocide-GTAVC.jpg |size=300px |caption=[[Tommy Vercetti]] receiving his instructions from [[Mr. Black]] on a [[Payphone]] outside the [[Washington Mall]]. |for=[[Mr. Black]] |target=[[Mike Griffin]]
[[Dick Tanner]]
[[Marcus Hammond]]
[[Franco Carter]]
[[Nick Kong]]
[[Charlie Dilson]] |location=[[Washington Beach]], [[Vice City in GTA III Era|Vice City]] |fail=Death of [[Tommy Vercetti]]
Failing to kill the gangsters in the time limit |reward=[[Money|$]]4,000 |unlocks=[[Check Out At The Check In]] (after completing [[Rub Out]]) |unlockedby=[[The Fastest Boat]]
[[Waste the Wife]] }} '''Autocide''' is a mission in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]] given to [[Protagonist|protagonist]] [[Tommy Vercetti]] by [[Mr. Black]] from a public payphone outside the [[Washington Mall]] in [[Washington Beach]], [[Vice City in GTA III Era|Vice City]]. ==Mission== Tommy Vercetti receives a phone call at a public payphone outside the [[Washington Mall]] and receives instructions from [[Mr. Black]] to kill members of a [[European Gang|European gang]], currently undercover in the city, before they rob a bank (possibly El Banco Corrupte Grande). Vercetti then locates and kills [[Mike Griffin]], who is working as a builder on a billboard outside the Washington Mall. Vercetti then locates and kills [[Dick Tanner]], who is working as a security guard for [[DBP Security]]. Vercetti then locates and kills [[Marcus Hammond]] and [[Franco Carter]], who are working as carpenters and are located in a [[Bobcat]] close to the [[Jewellery Store]] in [[Vice Point]]. Vercetti then locates and kills [[Nick Kong]], who is posing as a tourist on a boat close to [[Avery Carrington|Avery Carrington's]] rival construction site. Vercetti then locates and kills the last of the gang, [[Charlie Dilson]], who is riding his [[PCJ-600]] around [[Ocean Drive]]. ==Script== '''Mr. Black:''' A European Gang plans to hit the bank in Vice City. My employers would rather this didn't happen. Each member of the gang has a cover while they are here in Vice City. Some have menial jobs, others are on vacation. Each target and their likely whereabouts are taped under the phone. ==Reward== The reward for completing the mission is [[Money|$]]4,000 and the mission [[Check Out At The Check In]] is unlocked, if the mission [[Rub Out]] has also been completed. ==Trivia== * The name of this mission is likely a combination of the words "auto" and "homicide". * The mission has a time limit of nine minutes, or nine in-game hours. * A unique silver [[PCJ-600]] can be collected by the player after the mission starts, located next to a hedge on the way to [[Mike Griffin|Mike Griffin's]] location. * The [[Securicar]] driven by Dick Tanner is super-heavy until the mission ends. To be able to drive it, the player has to snipe him out from a distance. * The [[Bobcat]] driven by Marcus Hammond and Franco Carter in this mission has a unique black and metallic red paint job. * The PCJ-600 driven by Charlie Dilson has a unique blue paint job. * With the exception of Mike Griffin, all of the European gangsters in this mission have names referring to characters in rival sandbox games. [[Dick Tanner]] is a reference to Tanner from the [[:wp:Driver (series)|Driver series]], [[Marcus Hammond]], [[Franco Carter]] and [[Charlie Dilson]] are references to Mark Hammond, Frank Carter and Charlie Jolson from [[:wp:The Getaway (video game)|The Getaway]], and [[Nick Kong]] is a reference to Nicholas "Nick" Kang Williams from [[:wp:True Crime: Streets of LA|True Crime: Streets of LA]]. * Pedestrians with the same character models as Griffin, Tanner, Hammond, Carter, Kong and Dilson appear during free roam and throughout Vice City. * Mike Griffin could be a reference to [[wp:Nick Griffin|Nick Griffin]], a British nationalist politician. * Mike Griffin's name may also be a reference to the game [[:wp:Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter|Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter]]. ==See Also== * [[Autocide/Walkthrough|Mission walkthrough]] ==Gallery== File:Autocide-GTAVC2.jpg|[[Tommy Vercetti]] about to collect the weapons provided by [[Mr. Black]]. File:Autocide-GTAVC3.jpg|[[Tommy Vercetti]] about to [[Sniper Rifle|shoot]] [[Mike Griffin]] on a billboard at the [[Washington Mall]]. File:Autocide-GTAVC4.jpg|[[Tommy Vercetti]] about to [[Sniper Rifle|shoot]] [[Dick Tanner]] in a [[Securicar]] on [[Ocean Drive]]. File:Autocide-GTAVC5.jpg|[[Tommy Vercetti]] about to [[Sniper Rifle|shoot]] [[Marcus Hammond]] or [[Franco Carter]] in a [[Bobcat]] in [[Vice Point]]. File:Autocide-GTAVC6.jpg|[[Tommy Vercetti]] about to [[Sniper Rifle|shoot]] [[Marcus Hammond]] or [[Franco Carter]]. File:Autocide-GTAVC7.jpg|[[Tommy Vercetti]] about to [[Sniper Rifle|shoot]] [[Nick Kong]] on his [[Tropic|boat]] in [[Washington Beach]]. File:Autocide-GTAVC8.jpg|[[Tommy Vercetti]] about to [[Sniper Rifle|shoot]] [[Charlie Dilson]] in [[Washington Beach]]. ==Video Walkthrough==

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I'd like to suggest capturing a new image for this article. The "action" shot of CJ falling from the building would be better placed in an article focusing on this action (e.g. Parachute), rather than on the casino. For this subject matter, we need to acquire an image of the entire casino, without distraction. If no one objects, I will get to work on it. EganioTalk 19:43, 14 July 2008 (UTC)