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Vice City Multiplayer (VC:MP, VC-MP, VCMP) is a third party multiplayer modification for the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City computer game. Vice City Multiplayer is developed by a team of dedicated fans.

The latest stable version is VCMP 0.3z R2, however support has been dropped in May 2015 and it is not advised for new players to download this version. VCMP 0.4 is currently in beta phase and is available for everyone.


Before VCMP

Nine months after the PC release of GTA:III, the first ever GTA 3 multiplayer called GTA3:Another Multiplayer was released. The multiplayer gained huge popularity and was later renamed to Multi Theft Auto:GTA3. After GTA:Vice City was out on PC, players asked the developers of MTA if there will be a multiplayer mod for VC as well. It took only three months until the first MTA:VC version was available. MTA:VC used the core of MTA:III.

Just like its predecessor, MTA:VC was quickly popular, but it was not a flawless multiplayer, just to mention it didn't feature some basic animations. One of MTA players called Kye (known as Kalcor nowadays) started to work on this issue. MTA:VC developers decided to invite Kye to their team and after some time he was the leading developer of MTA:VC. The team worked together on the next versions, but at some point there was an argument about the future of the multiplayer, after which Kye decided to leave the MTA team. Parting his ways from MTA didn't mean for Kye giving up GTA multiplayers.

GTA:San Andreas on PS2 was a huge success and the PC version was announced in 2005. After GTA 3 and VC got a multiplayer mod, it was just a matter of time until SA will get one too. Kye mentioned in an interview I knew there was a huge fan base for GTA multiplayer mods. It was also obvious that San Andreas was going to be very popular on PC. He decided to work on a multiplayer for SA before the PC release along with great GTA modders like spookie, Cam, Mike, Y_Less, Trix, aru, XcR. They didn't waste time and decided to work on a base code they could later use in SA and decided to work on VC's engine. Vice City Multiplayer was created.

First versions...

Even though MTA:VC had a strong player base, the players were also curious about VCMP. With all the multiplayer coding experience Kye collected and a team of skillful singleplayer modders, the first VCMP version labeled as 0.1a received a warm welcome from the community. It had already a big advantage over MTA:VC – it was possible to place custom spawn points for players and vehicles, where in MTA:VC they were built-in and couldn't be changed. After a huge interest in 0.1a the team released an improved version 0.1b.

The first ever VCMP video footage (audio broken).

...and quick end

After GTA:San Andreas was available on PC the team started to work on San Andreas Multiplayer and used the base code of VCMP to create SAMP. The team didn't want to continue the work on VCMP and released all source files of the multiplayer which they labeled as VCMP 0.1c, but this version was in fact never released. However, some SAMP developers – bakasan, Falcon and jax – decided to continue VCMP. The SAMP team split into VCMP and SAMP developers, with both teams being in a close relationship, working together on some issues.

VCMP 0.1c is the only open-source version of VCMP.

Multiplayer reborn

VCMP developers released VCMP 0.1d which was the most popular VCMP version by that time. It was played by numerous players even after newer versions have been released. From time to time there are still VCMP 0.1d events, where for few days a special 0.1d server is set up and players are welcome to join. The last event took place in 2011.

The last 0.1d event.


The next VCMP version was supposed to be 0.2. Developers wanted to include an object system so that server admins can place their own objects or even create whole maps using this system. During public beta tests the system worked quite well and VCMP 0.2 has been released, but somehow this version became extremely unstable and it crashed the game a lot. The developers were not able to fix it and the object system was removed from VCMP prior the next version. Players had to wait many years to have a working objects system back in 0.4.

The next versions without objects were called 0.3 and after the primary release gained next iterations 0.3x and 0.3z. The VCMP client shipped along with a server browser which was created by the SAMP team.

Concept of a tool which should help to place map objects in VCMP 0.2.

VCMP 0.2 event held in 2013.

The stonage era

Up to VCMP 0.3z, a VCMP server consisted of a config file, in which it was possible to set basic data about the server like name and maximal player count and to place spawn points, cars and pickups. It was not possible to make any scripts, whereas SAMP featured a PAWN language script system since the first version. There was a way to "sideload" scripts on a VCMP server which have been written in the mIRC scripting language, only available on mIRC, a shareware program for IRC chats. This was not a convenient way of scripting, because mIRC could only be launched on a Windows machine, while most servers were running on Linux, bought from a professional server hoster. In this case server owners had to buy a server and then connect mIRC scripts from their home computer. This is one of the reasons why mIRC scripts never gained popularity in VCMP - only some servers featured scripts with only few having them on 24/7.

A huge step

The developers behind Liberty Unleashed, a multiplayer mod for GTA 3, which were also players of VCMP, released a VCMP 0.3z compatible server with built-in scripting. The scripting language was Squirrel, which was included in their not at the time released multiplayer mod. Many server admins decided to switch to the Squirrel server, which by the time has been described as "hacked" by the VCMP team.

The last 0.3

In December 2009 the last 0.3 version called 0.3z R2 was released. It featured many bug fixes and improvements and it was the most stable VCMP version ever, with almost no game crashes, where previous versions crashed the game at least once in a hour. It was also the first VCMP to feature a scripting system – in this case it was PAWN, just like in SAMP. The Liberty Unleashed team updated their "hacked server" and server owners could choose between Squirrel or PAWN language for the scripts. Most of them chose Squirrel, because they already worked with it in 0.3z and because it was a relative more simple language.

VCMP 0.3z R2 is the latest stable version of VCMP, although it received only small updates shortly after the release and most bugs were still present.

One of the latest beta tests upon release, showing VCMP 0.3z R2 features.

A new beginning

Since 2005 the VCMP team has been changed constantly. Many developers and beta-testers came across VCMP, but after all when 0.3z R2 was out, the only active developer left was maxorator, who joined the team around 0.3's release. Falcon and bakasan were still in charge with VCMP for 10 years, although both became inactive developers, passing by the project from time to time. Similarly Kye, who left VCMP for SAMP, still checked VCMP's progress before major releases.

[Kye along with the VCMP team making the final test of VCMP 0.3z R2 which was released few days later.]

maxorator decided to rewrite VCMP from scratch, which was a time consuming work, but after that VCMP got a second life in form of VCMP 0.4. The multiplayer featured many new things which were for a long time present in SAMP and MTA:SA, but lacked in VCMP. The VCMP team got into a close relationship with the Liberty Unleashed team and as a result both team decided to make a fusion in which VCMP developers were LU developers and vice-versa and similarly for beta-testers of both projects. This move broke the long time VCMP-SAMP relation.

After the first playable VCMP 0.4 version was ready, the team decided to run a series of public beta tests. At some point the team decided to release 0.4 beta so that players can create their own servers and join them. 0.4 is now in beta phase for a long time and it is the only way today to play GTA:VC with other players.


VCMP 0.2 leak

Before the 0.2 release, some polish players managed to grab the 0.2 client along with the server and decided to publish it. After that polish players of VCMP were public enemies and have been banned from most popular VCMP servers for a month.

VCMP 0.4 leak

When 0.4 was being rewritten, some hackers managed to download this version which was only available for the VCMP team. They leaked this version, although not much harm has been done, as at this stage the build was in early development with just basic possibilities.

Players refusing the 0.4 update

For a long time people decided to not switch to 0.4 and stay on 0.3z R2 because the new way of synchronizations didn't convince them. To force the players to move to 0.4 the team decided to turn off the master server list in May 2015 – after opening the server browser, the player haven't seen any servers. Before that only few servers were running on 0.4 with just a dozen of players, whereas the whole community was still playing 0.3z R2. After the master server shut down, the 0.4 player base slowly grew up and finally most players switched to 0.4, although still showing their dissatisfaction about the synchronization. 0.3z R2 servers can still be found. The only way to connect to a 0.3z R2 server is to type manually the IP address of it.

Dropping mod support

Even though including an anti-cheat system since first VCMP versions, prior to 0.3z R2 it was possible to run most mods online including CLEO and ASI mods. CLEO mods were disabled in 0.4, because the developers turned off the GTA SCM scripting language which is used in CLEO, as they no longer needed it in VCMP. In June 2015 the VCMP team gone one step forward and disabled ASI mods which started an argument among VCMP players. Developers stated that many ASI mods are cheats which are not welcome in a multiplayer game, players however noted that this disabled many non-cheat ASI mods while cheaters found already new tools to hack in-game. The developers decided to fix this issue and promised a new update in which server admins will have control over mods.


A special version of VCMP called Liberty City Multiplayer (LCMP) was developed for a few years and released along with VCMP. It was basically the VCMP multiplayer adjusted to work with the GTA:Liberty City mod, which brings GTA 3 to VC's enigne. For a long time this was the only way to play a multiplayer mod on a GTA 3 alike game. The least official version was LCMP 0.3z, however some players were able to modify VCMP 0.3z R2 to work with GTA:LC mod.

The VCMP team do not longer update LCMP, because a multiplayer for GTA 3 appeared in the mean time. As stated by a developer in an interview LC-MP was fun for a while although I don't think it was worth the amount of effort we put in to it.


The VCMP team released the source code of VCMP 0.1c, before major changes in VCMP development happened. The 0.1c version is outdated with a terrible synchronization and low possibilities. Although the source code is no longer distributed by the VCMP team, it still can be found on the internet. Some multiplayer mods like Multi-Vice or Vice City Life are based on the 0.1c source, however none of them got a proper interest by Vice City players.

Any rumor about source codes of newer VCMP versions than 0.1c is false.

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