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Accessible 69¢ Store in southwest Idlewood, Los Santos, GTA San Andreas.
Non-interactive 69¢ Store in central Idlewood, GTA San Andreas.

The 69¢ Only Stores, also known simply as the 69¢ Store, is a small chain of discount stores in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


There are only two 69¢ Stores in GTA San Andreas, both located in Idlewood, Los Santos; one, inaccessible, on the same block as Reece's barbershop and the Idlewood tattoo parlor, and another, accessible to the player, on the southwestern border with Little Mexico and Idlewood, adjoining an 8-Ball bomb shop. Like Roboi's Food Mart, the southwest Idlewood store utilize a 24/7 interior.

The stores are based on real-life 99¢ stores, and is another one of the many references to the "69" sexual position made throughout the game.

They can be faintly seen as non-interactive storefronts in Grand Theft Auto IV.