The 24/7 logo in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
The 24/7 logo in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The 24/7 logo in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Game GTA San Andreas
GTA Chinatown Wars
GTA Online
Type of business Convenience store
Location(s) 3D Universe:
Commerce, Los Santos
El Corona, Los Santos
Mulholland, Los Santos (x2)
Redsands East, Las Venturas
The Emerald Isle, Las Venturas
Starfish Casino, Las Venturas (x2)
Old Venturas Strip, Las Venturas
Roca Escalante, Las Venturas
Creek, Las Venturas
Fort Carson, Bone County
HD Universe:
Hove Beach, Liberty City
Downtown Broker, Liberty City
Schottler, Liberty City
Northern Gardens, Liberty City
Star Junction, Liberty City
Northwood, Liberty City
Alta St/Hawick Ave in Alta, Los Santos
Little Seoul, Los Santos
Alhambra Dr in Sandy Shores, Blaine County

24/7 (also written as 24-7) is a chain of convenience stores in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and Grand Theft Auto V, based on 7 Eleven. The business may also have a store in Little Havana, Vice City in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (a sign reading "24 (Squirt) 7" can be found hung alongside signs reading "Callegi Delicatessen Restaurant").


3D Universe

In GTA San Andreas, 24/7 stores are well spread all over San Andreas. While nearly all 24-7 outlets tend to bear distinctive exteriors, even disguising themselves under other store name (i.e. Roboi's Food Mart and the 69¢ Store), all 24/7 tend to share a common series of interiors, which feature combination of store shelves that cycle with each visitation; despite being common and featuring interiors, the stores has very limited interactivity as players can only purchase food or drinks from vending machines as well as play arcade cabinet-based video games. Unlike many fast food outlets in the game, 24/7 are not marked on the game's map or radar.

HD Universe

24/7 stores are also featured in GTA IV and GTA Chinatown Wars, but are not interactive. However, billboards advertising the store and its products can be seen, and its logo appears on some Steed (GTA IV) and Yankee (GTA Chinatown Wars) trucks.

Interactive 24/7 shops return in GTA V and GTA Online. Players can now enter and rob a number of stores across San Andreas, or purchase snacks to replenish their health. 24/7 shops are marked on the radar only in GTA Online. A couple of inaccessible shops with low-detail visible interiors can also be found in the state, mostly in Blaine County.


3D Universe

An interior of a 24/7 in GTA San Andreas.

In GTA San Andreas, 24/7 stores use a total of three different interiors internally named "X7_11S", "X711S3" and "X7_11B". X7_11S and X7_11B, which are used for all but one 24/7 store, occupy a smaller area and features the aforementioned vending machines and arcade games. However, X711S3, which is linked to the west Mulholland, Los Santos outlet, features a moderately deep interior but has no vending machine or arcade cabinet, rendering that outlet useless in gameplay.

There are additionally three unused 24/7 interiors, "X711S2", "X7_11C" and "X7_11D", that are only accessible via in the interior realm. X7_11C is designed as a moderately large interior; X711S2 and X7_11D are the two largest 24/7 interiors, with X7_11D bearing a unique L-shaped floorplan.

The interiors tend to feature a clerk manning the stores' counter, while two to four pedestrians (or customers) are usually found roaming the aisles, uttering unique shopping-related lines, as well as performing animated sequences where they retrieve items from store shelves and interacting with the player only if provoked. Customers may also interact with the store clerk in a short animation, but the customers never leave the store. The store shelves are also fairly detailed, featuring various branded products like Love Juice, Cherry Popper ice-cream or pizzas from Vice City.


Only two unique interiors are known to exist at this time. Both are staffed by clerks of East Asian origin.


GTA Vice City
  • Little Havana (debatable, as the "24 (Squirt) 7" signage is hung alongside signs reading "Callegi Delicatessen Restaurant").
GTA San Andreas
The 24/7 cashier in GTA V.
GTA V and GTA Online


3D Universe


  • The 24-7 logo in GTA San Andreas bears a resemblance to the real life store 7-Eleven's logo. The only differences are of course the words in the logo, and the foreground and background words' shades of color are inverted; the real 7-Eleven logo also has a slightly darker shade of green in the background. Textures name for 24-7 outlets in GTA San Andreas also incorporate "7_11" or "711", lending additional proof that the chain is based on 7-Eleven. These design traits were partially abandoned from GTA IV onwards, featuring a more unique retro-like design, as well as the addition of the color yellow into the logo.
  • In Grand Theft Auto IV, there is an abandoned outlet in Schottler. Unlike most stores, the name is spelled out; however, like the shuttered Burger Shot store in Cerveza Heights, the sign is missing letters and the "e" in "Twenty" is hanging upside-down, resembling an "a". In a reference to Rockstar's crude humour, the resulting sign spells out "Twat Furs".
  • 24/7 also appears in its GTA Vice City form in Manhunt, another video game developed by GTA developer Rockstar North.