Barry Mickelthwaite

Barry Mickelthwaite
Barry Mickelthwaite
Barry Mickelthwaite

Barry Mickelthwaite
Appearances GTA Vice City Stories
Full Name Barry Mickelthwaite


Gender Gender::Male
Place of Birth England
Nationality British
Main Affiliations Phil Collins
Giorgio Forelli
Reni Wassulmaier
Victor Vance
Vehicles Bulletproof Stretch
Businesses Phil Collins' management
Voiced by Timothy Spall

Barry Mickelthwaite is Phil Collins' manager in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. It is implied in one mission that he had a sexual experience with Reni in Monaco after becoming heavily inebriated with champagne. He also owes money to Giorgio Forelli, which puts Phil's life in danger. Barry has an accent which suggests he is from Birmingham, UK. As far as managers go, he is of poor quality, putting Phil's life on the line just so he doesn't end up with a concrete overcoat. Phil is very fortunate to have Victor become his personal bodyguard as Vic manages to save Phil many times throughout his stay in Vice City. After Reni's fourth sex change s/he tells Barry he should have breast implants and after the mission "In the Air Tonight", Phil goes on to say Barry should have taken Reni's advice: they'd look great with the pair he's using for his head. (This is after Phil's third time almost getting popped.)

According to an in game dialogue between Barry and Phil Collins, before Barry became Phil's manager, Barry used to manage a talking dog called Puddles.

Coincidentally or not, the name of the character bears a bizarre resemblance to an Australian soccer player who played in Romania, Michael Thwaite. Barry is voiced by Timothy Spall.

Mission appearances

GTA Vice City Stories