Beverly McFadden

For other characters in the Grand Theft Auto series called Beverly, see Beverly.

Beverly McFadden is the commanding officer of Fort Baxter Air Base in 1984 and is interviewed by Jenny Mitchell for MeTV News. McFadden admits that the army have turned a blind eye to some soldiers causing trouble in Vice City. He says "Everyone knows soldiers must work hard, play hard, as the modern idiom goes... after a hard day slaughtering people, you've got to blow off a little steam - so we've turned a blind eye to the odd soldier running amok with a gun, or doing something unfortunate in a nunnery, but things occasionally go too far. I know from personal experience, that after you rip a man's jugular out with his bare hands then go through his possessions looking for something to steal, and discover he had a wife and a newborn baby, it can be a little bit upsetting, but the behaviour on the base is unbecoming to a member of our army".

Beverly McFadden may be a reference to Star Trek character Doctor Beverly Crusher, who was portrayed by Gates McFadden.