Jenny Mitchell

Jenny Mitchell is the host of MeTV News in Vice City in 1984, with some of the reports on the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories website. She lives in a condo in a gated community, also having a burglar alarm, three Shotguns and a 'rabid' guard dog. She is patriotic, believing that America has the right to 'tell other people how to live'.

She dislikes certain people, including Doctor Abner Horowitz, Michaela Carapadis, Phil Herrick, MeTV News viewers, some of her fellow co-workers and American veterans (including Phil Cassidy). Horowitz annoys her due to not getting her name right, whilst Herrick calls he a wench. She believes Michaela Carapadis to be 'long winded' and also complains that 'veterans are such a downer'. She describes her audience as 'music video obsessed doofuses and bimbettes', but is herself easily fooled by her fellow co-workers, calling herself a tramp on air due its appearance on the autocue. She also dislikes the political left and the VCPR show Bait & Switch.