Bilkinton Research

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Bilkinton Research
Game GTA V
Type of business Pharmaceutical research
Employee(s) Bret Lowrey

Bilkinton Research is a pharmaceutical research company in Grand Theft Auto V and is run by Bret Lowrey, the CEO, with stock being available to purchase on In 2013 the company had manufactured a drug called Priapol to combat erectile dysfunction and to combat Betta Pharmaceuticals' Mollis. The reported side effects of Priapol, including urethra splitting and heart failure, had gained negative publicity while the drug had also not received approval from regulators. Lowrey, however, was in the process of buying the approval for Priapol and commented that the side effects had been 'grossly exaggerated' according to a report by Anna Foster. Lowrey's plans are discovered by Lester Crest who hires Franklin Clinton to kill Lowrey when leaving the Von Crastenburg Hotel in Rockford Hills. Franklin successfully kills Lowrey resulting in the stock for Bilkinton falling significantly.