Hotel Assassination

Hotel Assassination
Game GTA V
For Lester Crest
Target Bret Lowrey
Location Dune-O's Beach Cafe in Del Perro Beach, Los Santos
Fail Injuring Lester Crest
Failing to kill Bret Lowrey
Approaching the Von Crastenburg Hotel
Reward $9,000
3671 Whispymound Dr
Unlocks The Multi-Target Assassination
Blitz Play
Unlocked by Fame or Shame

Hotel Assassination is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by Lester Crest from a bench opposite Dune-O's Beach Cafe in Del Perro Beach, Los Santos.


Franklin Clinton meets Lester Crest on a bench opposite Dune-O's Beach Cafe in Del Perro Beach, with Lester telling Franklin to look forward as they are 'two strangers having a friendly chat'. He explains that Michael De Santa was behind the death of Lifeinvader CEO Jay Norris and that he wants to perform more good deeds for the benefit of society, as well as their own pockets. Franklin is then told that his target is Bret Lowrey, the CEO of Bilkinton Research, has paid off paid the authorities to give the necessary approval for Priapol, a new erectile dysfunction treatment rivalling Mollis from Betta Pharmaceuticals.

The good deed being that Priapol has caused a number of heart attacks in middle aged men, while Lester has also purchased stocks in Betta Pharmaceuticals. Franklin leaves while Lester remains on the bench, attempting not to stand out. Franklin drives to the Von Crastenburg Hotel in Rockford Hills and enters a multistorey car park. He waits for Bret Lowrey to exit the hotel and kills him, fleeing the area and evading Lowrey's security.

Secondary objective

Objective Description
Sniper Boy Kill the target using a Sniper Rifle.


Post mission phone call

Franklin Clinton: Eh, it's done.

Lester Crest: I know. Good work.

Franklin Clinton: Alright, well shit, let me know about the next thing.

Lester Crest: Will do, but before that, I've got to tell you something. Our investment portfolio was getting a little... successful, so I figure we needed some tangible assets - property - so we bought a house in Vinewood Hills.

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, sure, man, whatever. You know best about this shit.

Lester Crest: And we needed someone to live there for tax purposes, so some guys are moving your stuff in.

Franklin Clinton: Oh shit! Meaning I don't have to live with my crazy-ass aunt no more? Man, I don't know what the fuck to say, dog.

Lester Crest: Don't say anything. Especially if a man in a suit comes to the door. I'm joking, that probably isn't going to happen. Its yours. Enjoy it. 3671 Whispymound drive.


Denise Clinton updates her Lifeinvader status after completing the mission.

  • Denise Clinton: All these years I've been telling Franklin he needs to save up and move out then he goes and gets a crib in Vinewood Hills???? Where was all that money when I was buying groceries?


  • The player can make additional money by purchasing stock in Betta Pharmaceuticals before starting the mission and selling the stock shortly after.
  • Vehicles stored at the Strawberry Safehouse will be lost as the safehouse is not available after completing the mission.
  • Chop and Franklin's possessions begin being moved to the house during the mission.


The reward for completing the mission is $9,000 and the 3671 Whispymound Dr safehouse, although the Strawberry Safehouse will be closed to the player. The mission The Multi-Target Assassination for Lester is unlocked after completing this mission.

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