Brownstone Laundromat

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Brownstone Laundromat
Exterior of the Brownstone Laundromat in GTA Vice City

Exterior of the Brownstone Laundromat in GTA Vice City
Game GTA Vice City
Type of business Laundrette
Location(s) Little Havana, Vice City

The Brownstone Laundromat is a laundromat in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City located in northwest Little Havana, Vice City.

The name is taken from the building's awning, although the "Brownstone" portion of the name is obscured due to its position, leading to confusion that the laundromat is known simply as "Laundromat".


The Brownstone Laundromat, which features an interior equipped with washing machines, hung laundry and a cashier's counter (complete with a cashier), is important in the game for two purposes. The interior of the laundromat will spawn a red Tracksuit outfit pickup, which the player can use to clear a one or two-star wanted level. In addition, the player must rob the cashier for money as a requirement for 100% completion. A Hidden Package can be found behind the counter.

Although the building housing the laundromat still exists in the GTA Vice City Stories rendition of Vice City, there is no evidence of any laundromat based inside.


  • The laundromat's awning bears a phone number that uses the fictional 555 area code: 555-7920.