A photo of Carey.

Carey is a character in the 3D Universe who is mentioned on the Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories website.

Character history

Carey is the Director of Communication for the Major's Office and works for Liberty City's Major Roger C. Hole. She writes to Ned Burner, the top reporter of the Liberty Tree newspaper, regarding Hole and reminds him that he 'tried to touch my breasts and got sick all over yourself'.

She complains that Burner and the Liberty Tree newspaper are starting to waver in their support for Mayor Hole, reminding Burner that she didn't press charges for the fondling incident but expected support for Hole in return. She also complains about articles on businessman Donald Love and Miles O'Donovan, the main opponent of Hole. She then suggests writing an article of O'Donovan and his history of substance abuse, prostitution and corruption. She ends her e-mail by asking Ned to keep up his support for Hole, saying the city needs a 'real' Mayor.