Miles O'Donovan

Miles O'Donovan
Appearances GTA III
GTA Liberty City Stories
Full Name Miles O'Donovan


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Liberty City
Main Affiliations Forelli Family
Leone Family
Sicilian Mafia
Businesses Liberty City Hall
Voiced by John Braden

Miles O'Donovan is a character in the 3D Universe who is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto III and appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. He is the Mayor of Liberty City from 1998 until at least 2001, the setting of GTA III. O'Donovan was voiced by John Braden.

Character history

Miles O'Donovan ran against Mayor Roger C. Hole in the previous election for the position of Mayor in Liberty City, in 1992. However, O'Donovan failed but had gained support due to a series of scandals that Mayor Hole was involved in. However, it is rumored that O'Donovan himself has a past of corruption, drug abuse and prostitution.

He runs for Mayor a second time in a special election following Mayor Hole's death at the hands of Toni Cipriani. Cipriani and Salvatore Leone (Don of the Leone Family) oppose O'Donovan with their own candidate: Donald Love. Cipriani campaigns for Love, however after a link between Love and the Leone Family is found, Love loses most of his popularity and fortune.

Following his election victory, O'Donovan helps to end the industrial action of ferry workers on Portland and Staunton Island. O'Donovan promises that the ferries will remain in Liberty City and that jobs will not be lost. Despite his promise, the ferries would stop transporting between Portland and Staunton Island between 1998 and 2000 (the setting of Grand Theft Auto Advance. The ferry terminals, by 2000, had been demolished and paved over).

O'Donovan, as one of his first moves, has the Liberty City Police Department arrest Salvatore Leone, putting him on trial. Salvatore Leone is released after Cipriani kills Paulie Sindacco and increases activities against the Sindacco Family and the Forelli Family. Salvatore, in his belief that O'Donovan will drop the charges, leads to Massimo Torini (member of the Sicilian Mafia and opponent of Salvatore) to kidnap O'Donovan. He takes the captive Mayor to Portland Rock, and ends up indebted to Toni and Salvatore after they rescue him. Salvatore tells the Mayor that he belongs to him, and from then on has the Mayor in his pocket.

O'Donovan does not appear in Grand Theft Auto III, but is mentioned on the Liberty Tree website. O'Donovan is said to have endorsed nail guns [1] (his brother is CEO of Donovan Hardware) and has done little good for Liberty City, except the increase of hardware stores by two folds since his election. This includes little work on transportation, such as the closure of the ferries and lack of improvement on the Portland El. However, O'Donovan had made some improvements, including promising to renew the Red Light District's license and revamp the area. [2] O'Donovan, in April 2001, also purchases police helicopters for the Liberty City Police Department [3]

Mission appearance

GTA Liberty City Stories