Connie Lavell

Connie Lavell
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Connie Lavell


Gender Gender::Female
Nationality American
Home New York City, New York
Paris, France
Family Bernard (husband)
Huguette (mother-in-law)

Connie Lavell is a fictional character in the HD Universe who is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V.

Character history

Connie Lavell is the main character in the 1933 film Harridan of the Seine and is portrayed by silent film actress Miriam Turner. Connie is a 'beautiful and naive' New York City resident who marries Bernard, after receiving a $100 dowry from her father, and moves with him to Paris, France where she realises that Bernard is going to sell her into slavery to his mother Huguette. Huguette has Connie 'eat out of chamber pots and massage her calloused feet' but finds solace in seeing an aristocratic man reveal himself to her from the opposite bank of a river. At the end of the film, Connie escapes her life by stabbing Bernard in the neck and pushing Huguette off a bridge before being killed by a trolley running her over.