Cossie (mission 2)

This second Cossie is a vehicle side mission in GTA 1 during the Liberty City part 2 run.


Enter the Cossie in southeast Brix. The Angels have stolen the boss's car and his "private videos," so of course it is up to you to get them back in central Kings. All you need to do is steal the Bug back, but watch out for the henchmen, and drive to the hotel in northeast Tellburg. After returning the stolen merchandise, you hear that Cabot's coming into town to see Sonetti and that the caller wants them both dead. They will be in a blue vehicle possibly around southwest Estoria if you are quick. Simply park your vehicle in front of theirs, get out, and fire your gun until the car explodes.

Text Strategy


(Must have gun.)

N, big W, big S bridge, follow W, big S bridges, arrow W go big W.

DO NOT run over guys (4x wanted level)! Steal Bug.

W to end, alley W.

Garage then back and steal car.

N follow E, big N, small N, alley N.

Shoot car to blow up. END!

Video Strategy