DBP Security Headquarters

DBP Security Headquarters
Two Patrol Invest Group security guards standing in front of DBP Security Headquarters in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
Appearances: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Name: DBP Security Headquarters
Owner: DBP Security
Type of Business: Security shop and headquarters of DBP Security.
Location: Ocean Beach, Vice City

The DBP Security Headquarters is, as the name states, the headquarters of the security company DBP Security, the employers of the Patrol Invest Group. The headquarters of DBP Security are located in Washington Beach, Vice City. It appears in-game as an inaccessable security items shop. In the mission Bar Brawl, Tommy Vercetti goes to DBP Security headquarters to kill members of the Patrol Invest Group in order to make the Front Page Cafe pay protection money to the Vercetti Gang. Two DBP security members try to escape on PCJ-600s but they eventually get killed by Tommy.

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