Bar Brawl

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Bar Brawl
Tommy Vercetti finding Lance Vance and Mike inside his mansion.

Tommy Vercetti finding Lance Vance and Mike inside his mansion.
Game GTA Vice City
For Tommy Vercetti
Target DBP Security
Location Starfish Island, Vice City
Fail Death of Tommy Vercetti
Arrest of Tommy Vercetti
The guards get away
Reward $4,000 + $1,000 per Securicar
SPAS 12 available to purchase at Ammu-Nation
Unlocks Cop Land
Unlocked by Shakedown

Bar Brawl is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City which protagonist Tommy Vercetti does independently in the Vercetti Estate in Starfish Island, Vice City.


Lance Vance tells Tommy that the Front Page Café is refusing to pay for protection because it already has protection from DBP Security. Tommy is mad at Lance for not taking action fast so he goes to the bar to deal with this problem with two of his bodyguards. Tommy attacks and kills the guards in front of the bar and meets up with the owner to discuss protection but the owner tells Tommy that he doesn't care who he pays protection to as long as he gets protection. He then tells Tommy to "sort the matter out amongst yourselves". Tommy quickly proceeds to go to DBP Security Headquarters and attacks the DBP security guards who are trying to pack up and escape from Tommy's wrath. Two guards attempt to escape on PCJ-600s and flee to south of Ocean Beach. Tommy chases them as the guards' backups in Securicars try to attack Tommy. The escaped guards are quickly killed.


Tommy Vercetti: What's the problem?

Lance Vance: Some bar is refusing to pay. They reckon they're protected by a local gang of thugs. But don't worry Tommy, I can handle it.

Tommy Vercetti: You call this handling it? You two, off your asses... Let's go.

(Outside the mansion)

Tommy Vercetti: Get in the car, useless.

(After killing the two guards and talking to the bar owner)

Tommy Vercetti: Your protection needs a little more protection.

Bar Owner: Aw hell, not again! I don't need this crap! These idiots operate out of DBP Security around the block. You guys just sort it out amongst yourselves.

Tommy Vercetti: I'll be seeing you later.

Bar Owner: Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Post-mission phone call

Lance Vance: Tommy, we gotta talk about stuff...

Tommy Vercetti: What's the problem, Lance ?

Lance Vance: It's you, my friend, I feel you're not giving me a fair slice. And more than that, you been embarrassing me in front of the boys. I can't have that .

Tommy Vercetti: Lance, it ain't like that. You've been making mistakes.

Lance Vance: Tommy, I'm not your message boy. I'm not your running boy.

Tommy Vercetti: Lance, don't screw up, and we won't have any problems. I screw up, you can lay into me any time.

Lance Vance: Tommy, I've done everything for you, you treat me like a fool. Don't do that.

Tommy Vercetti: Lance, I won't rip you off or stab you in the back, okay? Just take it easy. This is tough enough without you getting all emotional on me. Trust me. Do you hear me, do you hear me?

Lance Vance: I hear you Tommy, but I can't take this much more.

Tommy Vercetti: Lance, don't be like this. Now I'm warning you. Do you hear me? Just relax, take a few days off. Okay ? I'll talk to you.


The reward for completing this mission is $4,000. The mission Cop Land is unlocked. The SPAS 12 is now also available to purchase at the Downtown Ammu-Nation.

The player will also get a $1,000 bonus for every Securicar that they destroy out of the ones that chase them.


The back of the DBP Oceanic with the briefcases in the trunk.
  • Mike can be killed in this mission however he will still show up in the mission Cop Land.
  • The guards that escape on motorcycles will always jump off their bikes and wait for the player at the end of the beach, near the lighthouse.
  • The Oceanic inside the DPB Security compound is unique as it has briefcases in the trunk. Those will, however, vanish as soon as the mission ends, regardless if the player passes or fails.
  • The Front Page Cafe owner can be killed in this mission. This has no effect on the mission or storyline.
  • It is strange that Lance refers to DBP Security as "a local band of thugs" when they are actually a security firm.


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