A PCJ 600 in GTA Vice City.
A PCJ 600 in GTA Vice City.
A PCJ 600 in GTA Vice City.
Appearance(s) GTA Vice City
GTA San Andreas
GTA Liberty City Stories
GTA Vice City Stories
Also known as PCJ 600
Vehicle type Civilian motorbike
Body style Sports bike (GTA Vice City — GTA Vice City Stories)
Streetfighter (GTA IV)
Capacity 2 (rider and passenger)
Manufacturer Shitzu (HD Universe)

"Macho bike for men trying to prove how much they're packing."
- Official Vice City Bureau of Investigation file description, GTA Vice City.

The PCJ-600 is a recurring sports bike first featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The PCJ-600's name is rendered PCJ 600 (unhyphenized) in GTA Vice City, GTA IV and GTA V. In the HD Universe, the PCJ 600 is manufactured by Shitzu.


GTA Vice City — GTA Vice City Stories

In its appearance in GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City Stories, the PCJ 600 loosely resemble a Suzuki GSX600F Katana.

In GTA Liberty City Stories, however, the bike receives a facelift that gives the vehicle with a more modernized appearance. During development of the game, the PCJ-600 still retained its design from GTA Vice City before being redesigned; a gold PCJ-600 was also showcased in a pre-release GTA Liberty City Stories screenshot, suggesting that the bike was to appear with this color.


In GTA IV the PCJ 600 is designed as a streetfighter that strongly resembles a Triumph Speed Triple with elements of a Ducati Monster S4R. Unlike its predecessors, the bike comes with a variety of accessories that allows for many variations of the bike. Specific variances of the bike's accessories include:

  • Two headlight configurations: A single headlight or twin headlights;
  • Three bike frame configurations: 1) An internal frame, or an external frame that is either 2) consistently metallic gray or 3) corresponds to the rim color;
  • Three exhaust pipe configurations: A side-mounted exhaust pipe on the right side, or single or twin exhaust pipe underneath the seat;
  • Optional rear mounted license plate mounting and signal lights.

In GTA V, the PCJ 600 appears unaltered from GTA IV.

It is important to note that all PCJ 600s in GTA IV (as well as versions of GTA IV with any attached Episodes from Liberty City downloadable episodic contents, The Lost and Damned or The Ballad of Gay Tony) feature cosmetic bugs that result in two more sets of accessories appearing all at once on all PCJ 600s, which are addressed in the standalone version of EFLC:

While GTA IV versions of the PCJ 600 show all variants of its instrument clusters and rear mirrors at once, the problem is remedied in the standalone Episodes from Liberty City copies, resulting in more varied instrument cluster and rear mirror designs on PCJ 600, as pictured here in the EFLC version of TBOGT.
  • PCJ 600 bike frame configurations in the standalone version of EFLC correspond with three unique instrument clusters over the handle bars (Frame #1 features a black T-shaped cluster with two main gauges, frame #2 features a more compact metallic variation, and frame #3 features a single-gauge configuration). This appears to have been a cosmetic fix of a bug in GTA IV where all three instrument cluster variants end up clumped into a five-gauge supercluster on all PCJ 600s in the game.
  • PCJ 600s in the standalone version of EFLC have three handlebar-mounted rear mirror configurations as opposed to each PCJ 600 always featuring two pairs of rear mirrors. The bikes may now appear with black plastic-framed rear mirrors (which are only available alongside the optional rear mounted license plate mounting and signal lights), more compact metallic-framed mirrors with no attached accessory or no rear mirrors at all.


GTA Vice City — GTA Vice City Stories

Excluding the GTA San Andreas rendition, the PCJ 600 is the fastest bike in games it appears in prior to GTA IV. Its overall accelerating power and top speed is excellent, and while its light weight allows for excellent agility and cornering, the tendency for the player to ride the bike in high speeds may usually result in the player being dislodged from the bike, either through a collision with another vehicle or as a result of the bike being flipped backwards. In GTA San Andreas, the PCJ-600 is no longer the fastest bike, outpaced by more modern counterparts, such as the FCR-900 and NRG-500.


The PCJ 600 is the second-fastest bike in GTA IV (after the NRG 900), but has superior handling that makes it easier to corner at high speeds whereas the NRG 900 requires the player slow down near turns. Due to the time it takes for an NRG 900 to attain its top speed, the bike can outrun an NRG 900 in a Race if the PCJ 600's rider leans forward. Both bikes have the same 0-60mph time of 4.4 seconds. The PCJ 600 appears to be powered by a 3 cylinder engine, possibly 600cc (corresponding to the "600" in the name). The bike also emits a unique high-pitched wail that quickly distinguishes it from other bikes.

Variants with unique colors

"Autocide" PCJ 600s

The uniquely white/silver PCJ 600 obtainable from "Autocide" in GTA Vice City.

"Autocide", a mission in GTA Vice City, features two PCJ 600s with unique colorization.

The first is a silver PCJ 600 given to the player in the beginning of the mission (along with a Micro-SMG, and a Sniper Rifle) for his task of eliminating members of a European Gang whom were setting up a heist at a bank in Vice City. In other regards, the bike still maintains the same performance of the regular PCJ 600. Following the completion of failure or the mission the player can store it in a garage to keep it.

The second is a light blue PCJ 600 ridden by the final target, Charlie Dilson; although its color is very similar to the color of faded blue PCJ 600s commonly spawned in traffic, Dilson's bike has a slightly more vibrant shade of blue. Like the silver variant, the bike can be taken and stored after the mission.

Torrington TT/Gangsta GP PCJ-600s

Two out of three competing PCJ-600s during the Torrington TT and Gangsta GP races in GTA Liberty City Stories feature unique white and sky blue colors, respectively (the third has a more generic red color).

Obtaining any of the bikes requires that the player fail a race by remaining at the starting and finish line and waiting until the targeted competitors come to a stop at the finish line once they complete the race. The player can then take one of the bikes to a garage and destroy it in the garage, thereby forfeiting the race for destroying a competitor's bike and ending the race, and allowing the garage to repair and store the bike.

Red and gold PCJ 600

In GTA IV, a red and gold PCJ 600 can be acquired during "I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle", when the player uses it to kill Frank Garone in a chase. Regardless of whether or not the player fails or passes the mission, the player may store the bike after the mission is over. Note that red and gold PCJ 600s can also be found commonly on the streets if the player drives a normal PCJ 600.



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