DJ Mama Doc

DJ Mama Doc
Appearances GTA 2
Full Name DJ Mama Doc


Gender Gender::Female
Home Residential District, Anywhere City
Main Affiliations Osmosis Radio (employer)
Vehicles Bicycle
Occupation Radio DJ
Voiced by Not credited

DJ Mama Doc is a character in the 2D Universe who appears as a radio DJ in Grand Theft Auto 2. Her voice actress is not credited.

Character history

DJ Mama Doc is, in 1999, the DJ of Osmosis Radio in the Residential District of Anywhere City. She is likely an immigrant in the United States and tells her listeners that her hometown had a number of cows close by and fresh air unlike the polluted air found in Anywhere City. She dislikes taxi drivers as they smell 'like shit' and is also acquainted with Jay-Z having been to a party he was attending.