First Lieutenant Kyle P. Slater

Kyle P. Slater
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Kyle P. Slater


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Occupation First Lieutenant

First Lieutenant Kyle P. Slater is a character in the HD Universe appearing as a phone contact in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

Character history

Lieutenant Slater is an unseen character in GTA V and GTA Online, the only way you can discover his existence is through dialing an number otherwise unspecified in the game. Dialing the number 328-555-0145 into your phone in single player or online, will give you the following message:

"You've reached First Lieutenant Kyle P. Slater. Leave me the where, the when, and the how after the tone."

Lieutenant Slater seems to be an upbeat character, and from the context of his answering machine, he may be a hit-man, or gun for hire. He may also still currently be in the army. It is unclear at this time if Lieutenant Slater was a cut character, or if he is a character planned to appear in future DLC.