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FlyUS logo in GTA IV.

FlyUS is an airline prominently featured in the Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, and Grand Theft Auto V.



FlyUS is depicted in GTA IV as a major carrier, with advertising implying that the airliner offers business class, as well as international and domestic flights. Additional advertising promote two-way trips to specific destinations, including Las Venturas (starting at $200), Los Santos (starting at $299) and Vice City (starting at $300).

With offices based at Francis International Airport (FIA) in Dukes, Liberty City, FlyUS' physical presence at FIA is evident with the abundance of service vehicles bearing the FlyUS name, including airport transit variants of the Feroci and Perennial, as well as the Ripley pushback and Airtug light tug.

The FlyUS air fleet includes a number of Boeing 747 jumbo jets, as well as Shamal-like commuter aircraft which can be found parked around FIA. FlyUS jumbo jets may also be seen roaming around FIA's runways, as well as being airborne, circling the whole of Liberty City (interestingly, these planes constantly extend their landing gears despite never landing).

The airline's livery is similar to liveries of the previous generation United Airlines, and its name is seemingly a nod to airlines that adopt the "United States" abbreviation in their name, such as US Airways. The name may be a pun of "flyers", the zip of one's pants, or "fly us", a sexual slang term that, unsurprising, is about having sex.

FlyUS' slogan in GTA IV is "Live a little, Fly with US".


FlyUS return in GTA V as one of three international airlines in the game. Their new slogan in GTA V is "Sit back, relax and shut up.", although their GTA IV slogan is still seen on airline vehicles.

Their fleet consist of Jets, Shamals, and at least one 737-lookalike twinjet.


  • Coincidentally, "FlyUs" is also the name of a Dutch/Belgium cargo carrier in real-life. Similarly, the company's corporate logo bears a degree of semblance to the FlyUS logo (including the color use and distribution of colors among the logo's text).