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The following are dialog and mission scripts as given during "Grand Theft Aero" in Grand Theft Auto III.


Donald Love: Thank you for retrieving those packages, but they were only a decoy. Sorry about that, but that's sometimes the way in business. My real objective was hidden in the plane all along. Unfortunately the port authorities seized the plane and were stripping it down, until I intervened at great personal expense. Cross the bridge to Shoreside Vale and go to Francis International Airport. I've paid off the officials. My property will be waiting for you at the customs hangar at the airport's fuselage.

(Claude goes to Francis International Airport, realizes the package is not there and drives to the construction site on Staunton Island)

Catalina: Hey let's get this thing out of here. God knows what it is. But he seems to want it badly enough so it must be worth something.

(Claude arrives in the elevator and fires his gun, to scare Catalina and Miguel)

Miguel: Who the heck?

Catalina: YOU!

Miguel: Hey, take it easy amigo. De nada! De nada!

Catalina: I left you pouring your heart out into the gutter!

Miguel: Hey, don't shoot amigo. No problems. We all friends! Here, take this.

(Miguel hands Claude the package)

Catalina: Don't be such a pussy!

Miguel: We got no choice baby.

(Catalina shoots Miguel in the back and leaves)

Miguel: AAARGHH!

Catalina: We always got a choice you dumb bastard!

(Catalina jumps to the ground and runs off)

Miguel: I'm sorry about the crazy bitch man, they all the same...por favor!?

(Asuka Kasen arrives)

Asuka Kasen: So, the whore got away. But you've done me a favor, you're not the only one who has a score to settle with the Cartel. This worm killed my brother!

Miguel: I never killed no Yakuza!

Asuka Kasen: LIAR! We all saw the Cartel assassin! We are going to hunt down and kill all you Colombian dogs!

(Asuka begins to torture Miguel)

Asuka Kasen: I'll be operating on our friend here to extract some information and a little pleasure. You drop by later. I'm sure I'll require your services.

Miguel: Please amigo! Don't leave me with her, she a psycho chica! PLEASE AMIGO! AMIGO! AMEEIIIGOOO! AIEEGARHHH!