Grand Theft Aero

Grand Theft Aero
Donald Love informing Claude that the packages he had collected were only decoys.
Donald Love informing Claude that the packages he had collected were only decoys.

Donald Love informing Claude that the packages he had collected were only decoys.
For Donald Love
Target Find the real package.
Location Bedford Point, Staunton Island, Liberty City
Fail Death of Claude
Arrest of Claude
Destruction of the Dodo
Destruction of the second Panlantic
Reward $50,000
Unlocks Escort Service
Unlocked by A Drop in the Ocean

Grand Theft Aero is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by media mogul and businessman Donald Love from the Love Media building in Bedford Point, Staunton Island, Liberty City.

Note: This mission prevents the player from completing Asuka Kasen's mission Two-Faced Tanner, which means that the player should complete Two-Faced Tanner before doing this mission if they want to achieve 100% completion.


Claude drops by Donald's penthouse and Donald informs him that the packages he had previously collected were decoys, so he needs to collect the real package, which was on that plane all along. Donald states that the authorities had intercepted the plane, however he has managed to bribe them.

Claude drives to Donald's hangar at Francis International Airport on Shoreside Vale. However the Liberty City Port Authority officers have all been killed, and six Colombian Cartel gang members are waiting inside. Claude kills them and enters the Dodo, but realizes the package has gone. Noticing a Panlantic van in front of the hangar, he drives to the Panlantic construction site on Staunton Island.

Once at the construction site, he kills more Colombian Cartel gang members and uses the elevator to get to the upper levels. There, he sees Miguel and Catalina, who have Love's package. When Claude challenges them, Miguel hands him the package, which leads to Catalina shooting Miguel before she leaps out of the buildling and lands in a garbage bin to escape.

A little later, Asuka Kasen (unaware of Claude's and Donald Love's responsibility in Kenji Kasen's death) and the Yakuza arrive to take over the area from the Cartel. Still thinking the Cartel killed her brother, she begins to torture Miguel. Claude then goes to Love Media to deliver the package.



The reward for completing this mission is $50,000. The missions Escort Service and Bait are unlocked.


  • At the airport, one Panlantic van is seen driving away. If the player follows it, it will get all the way to the middle of the Lift Bridge and stop there.
  • At the airport, if the second Panlantic is destroyed before the player gets inside, the mission will be considered failed. However, all the player has to do is to get inside the van, then they can switch to another vehicle to head to the construction site.
  • The name of this mission is an obvious reference to the Grand Theft Auto series. It is also a reference to the legal term for hijacking (also called Grand Theft Auto).
  • Although there are three more missions for Donald Love after this one, none of them are required to finish the story. The player can move onto the Asuka missions instead, which will eventually lead to the final mission.


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