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This page tracks problems relating to Grand Theft Wiki's move from Wikia.

To report a problem, please click here and enter as much detail as you can, including links.

Known issues

  • Not all images have been copied from Wikia
  • The design needs to be finished
  • There's no Rich Text Editor (RTE)
  • The Forum doesn't work
  • The gallery tag seems to need the File: prefix adding for each image

Issues not resolved

  • The poll tag does not work
This has been disabled due to security concerns. We are looking at alternative options
  • User accounts have not been copied over
We do not have access to Wikia's user accounts. Please see here for instructions.
  • Special:MyHome does not exist
This is Wikia-specific code. We could try and get it if many users want it, but we would not be able to maintain it.
  • Pages with % in the title do not work
This is a problem with our URL rewriting. Other characters now work, but we're working on % too

Resolved issues

  • SVG thumbnails do not render
  • Youtube embedding not enabled
  • Referencing produces big red errors
  • Pages with + or & in the title do not work
  • Sidebar: Add 'Create A Page' option