Howlin' Petes Biker Emporium

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Howlin' Petes Biker Emporium
Game GTA Vice City
Type of business Motorcycle clothing and equipment store
Location(s) Downtown, Vice City

Howlin' Petes Biker Emporium is, as the name states, a motorbike and biker clothing and equipment shop in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It is located across the street from The Greasy Chopper and underneath the Skumole Shack. A PCJ-600 is located behind the right hand side breakable window. The left hand side of the shop has a hidden interior that can be seen using the "look through walls" trick with the Rocket Launcher. Howlin' Petes Biker Emporium is a destination for the Taxi Driver side mission. A dialogue cut from the game mentions the shop by a biker in the mission The Party.[1]


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