Mark Volpe

Mark Anthony Volpe is a capo for the Messina Family along with his brother, Fredo Volpe, who has been a police informant since 1998. Mark was unaware of his brothers activities and had once sliced off a family enforcer's tongue for suspecting his brother of being a rat. Mark owns several sports betting rings in the boroughs of Liberty City, and is a dedicated mobster. The Messina Family suspected Mark of being a rat planned a hit on him, but found out about Fred being the Informant; and couldn't locate him.

LCPD Database information

Surname: Volpe

First Name: Mark Anthony

Age: 45

Place of Birth: Dukes, Liberty City

Affiliations: Messina Crime Family

Criminal Record:

  • 1982 - Murder
  • 1993 - Extortion
  • 1994 - Manslaughter
  • 1995 - Assault
  • 1996 - Manslaughter
  • 1998 - Promoting Gambling
  • 2000 - Promoting Gambling
  • 2005 - Manslaughter


  • Suspected by fellow members of the Messina Crime Syndicate of being a rat when is brother, Fredo Volpe, is actually the police informant.
  • Suspected to be in charge of a sports betting ring that operates throughout the four Liberty City Boroughs; however, he only takes bets on rigged games.
  • Believed to have cut out the tongue of a Messina enforcer for suggesting that his brother was an informant.
  • Enough wiretap evidence to put him in prison for 12 years.