Mary-Beth Maybell

Mary-Beth Maybell
Mary-Beth Maybelle
Appearances GTA San Andreas
Full Name Mary-Beth Maybell
Mary-Beth Maybelle


Nationality American
Home Bone County, San Andreas
Family Six unnamed and deceased husbands
Mary Ellen (daughter)
Eight unnamed children
Main Affiliations K Rose (employer)
Occupation Radio DJ
Voiced by Riette Burdick

Mary-Beth Maybell (also spelt Mary-Beth Maybelle) is a character in the 3D Universe who appears as a Radio DJ in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and a character in the HD Universe where she is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V. She is the DJ of country music station K Rose and is voiced by Riette Burdick.

Character history

3D Universe

Mary-Beth Maybell, prior to 1992, had been married on at least six occasions and, during these marriages, became the mother of nine children including her daughter Mary Ellen who was born on a pool table although the players did not stop their game. Her husbands died in gruesome circumstances, usually initiated by Mary-Beth. She is a heavy-set woman, as revealed after "Queen of Hearts" by Juice Newtown, and states that she wears either pants or dresses interchangeably as well as bloomers. She had also been sent to prison where she learned to play the harmonica in her pants. By 1992 she had become the DJ for K Rose and broadcast out of Bone County in northern San Andreas. At least her eldest child, possibly Mary Ellen, is going through puberty as she mentions that one is going through a "natural transition to womanhood".

HD Universe

Mary-Beth Maybelle, prior to 2013, worked as a Radio DJ and became either successful enough to earn a star on the Vinewood Walk of Fame in Los Santos.