Mr Vercetti

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"Mister Vercetti" redirects here. For the character in GTA Vice City, see Tommy Vercetti.
Tommy Vercetti wearing the Mr Vercetti outfit in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

The "Mr Vercetti" is an outfit in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City fashioned as an expensive suit.


Similar to the Soiree, the Mr Vercetti is a three-piece suit that consists of a grey pinstriped suit, a pink open-buttoned shirt, and a pair of grey low-cut loafers. However, the Mr Vercetti is designed with better-cut tailoring and rolled-down sleeves, implying the suit is made specifically for the player character and is thus more expensive than the Soiree.

The Mr Vercetti is made available to the player after purchasing The Pole Position Club (which is unlocked after completing "Shakedown"); the clothing pickup for the Mr Vercetti will appear in front of Collar and Cuffs, down the road from The Pole Position Club.

Changing into the outfit removes up to a two-star wanted level, even if the player is already wearing the outfit.


  • The suit's design is similar to that worn by Tony Montana near the end of Scarface, specifically during his last stand against Alejandro Sosa's hitmen. It should be noted, however, that the Mr Vercetti features several differences, including the lack of a vest on the Mr Vercetti, minor variations in colors (the Mr Vercetti is of a lighter gray and with a pink shirt while Tony's suit is near-black with a white shirt), as well as the inclusion of low-cut loafers as opposed to Tony's more formal black dress shoes.
  • The suit suffers from clipping issues involving the upper back portion of the legs protruding out of the back of the jacket when the player runs or rides a PCJ 600.
  • Although the Mr Vercetti has dark grey loafers, they appear white or cream colored in cutscenes.

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