Tommy Vercetti wearing the Soiree in GTA Vice City.

The Soiree is an outfit in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City fashioned as a casual suit.


The Soiree assumes the design of a flashy, loose-fitting 1980s Floridian suit, consisting of a matching purple-blue coat and pants, a black open-buttoned undershirt with rolled-up sleeves, and black low-cut loafers with no socks. Suits nearly identical to the Soiree are worn by multiple characters in the game, including Ken Rosenberg, Lance Vance and BJ Smith.

The Soiree is first worn in "The Party", when the player is instructed by Ken to go to Rafael's and get dressed in a more proper attire for Colonel Cortez's yacht party. After completing the mission, the Soiree clothing pickup will spawn in front of Rafael's.

Changing into the outfit removes up to a two-star wanted level, even if the player is already wearing the outfit.


  • The Soiree's design and color scheme are seemingly inspired by early promotional imagery of Ricardo Tubbs from Miami Vice, but differ with the Soiree's short-sleeved, single-breasted jacket and lack of a tie, as opposed to Tubb's long-sleeved, double-breasted jacket and frequent appearances with a tie.

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